Autumnal Island Trip

Havergate Island

Havergate Island
Welcome to the Havergate community group. Havergate is a magical place, Suffolk’s only island! The reserve is nestled within the Alde & Ore estuary and is well known for its year round bird spectacle.
Havergate Island

Autumnal Island Trip

  • It doesn't seem five minutes since we were over on the Summer visit, but this last weekend saw a trip entitled Autumn on Havergate.  It was a bit of a mixed bag weatherwise, though we didn't get that wet, managing to dodge the odd shower.  There was plenty of birdlife out in the water, though the Spoonies (28 of them was the highest count we reached) were being a little bit twitchy, lifting every time something vaguely raptor shape came past

    Though they did settle - and promptly fell asleep!

    Even Lyndsey the warden had a go - snaffling the camera for a few shots - great timing with this one, it looks like the Spoonie was unimpressed with the local gulls!

    Lyndsey also spotted a small island where the Sandwich Terns had taken up residence

    We knew there were still loads around as they kept fishing in the river

    Redshanks and Oystercatchers were all over the place - Redshanks in particular seemed to be especially numerous

    Most of the gulls have finally left, there were only a few juveniles and adults dotted round the islands.  Black Headed gulls have lost the breeding plumage too

    Once you started scanning further out of course, all sorts of little gems showed up.  There were plenty of Dunlin, a handful of Black and Bar Tailed Godwits, a Grey Plover, Knot and even a Whimbrel put in an appearance

    We didn't spot the Short Eared Owl that we heard had been around during the week, but Kestrels were hunting well (presumably the family that were raised on the Island this year).  At least it wasn't a bum shot like the last visit!

    Other raptors were about too - we even had a high level flyover by an Osprey.  I was too slow to get anything remotely useful for a pic, though I did catch this Marsh Harrier which had us fooled for a bit, it is so pale

    We were all excited by the next visitor though - especially when it sat out on the islands.  Could have done with being a bit closer - we're never happy us photographers - but what a treat!

    Not seen a Peregrine sat still like this before :-)

    We finally decided it was time to wander down to say hello to the Hares, but this little chap outside the hide caught Mrs WJ's attention

    As always, the Hares were very accommodating, whether sitting in the sun

    Lounging in the shade

    Or having a good ol' scratch

    But it's important not to concentrate too much on the Hares - turn round to check the river and this is what you see!

    A tasty snack it looks too....

    Finally, back to the boat for the trip back to Orford.  Now the tide had dropped and exposed lots of mud, there were more birds on the banks.  Avocets (there were gazillions all over the island actually)

    along with Curlew

    Which was handy after seeing the Whimbrel earlier - useful to be able to show both species in one thread!

    And a final flypast by a Black Tailed Godwit before we left the island behind and headed off to tea & cake on the quay

  • Joined the group just to say thanks for those photos WJ, superb, and what a variety, diving tern has to one of my favourites, and of course the Hare - Whimbrel, Kestrel, Peregrine, Marsh Harrier!!!!  Your camera must have been red hot.

  • Fantastic, especially the young peregrine.  Limpy will be spectacularly green when he sees these!