As we get towards the end of the summer holidays we still have plenty of activities to entertain the kids at Leighton Moss. Visitor and learning assistant Angela Welbourne tell us what's going on for families this week...

Last week the sensory garden here at Leighton Moss was teeming with trackers, children searched high and low, following maps, scouting for tracks to brass rub, matching tracks to their owners. It was a lot of fun, and the perfect opportunity for mum and dad to enjoy a cup of tea and a slice of cake at the picnic tables whilst the kids were busy! Animal trackers is running again on 24th August from 1-3pm.

Can you find a stoat print at Leighton Moss? Image by Martin Kuchczynski

There was also a safari, a mini-beast safari in search of all that wriggles, hops, creeps and crawls. We uncovered newts and toads, slugs and snails with plenty of rummaging through identification books. One microscopic find was a plaited door snail, hardly visible to the naked eye but when put under the hand lens it's spiral shell and goggling antennae were fascinating. 'Climbs trees when raining' said the book, it was raining alright, and sure enough the snail was climbing, who on earth ever gleaned that fact about a microscopic snail? There is another opportunity to search high and low, to discover the secret world of mini-beasts on 25th August you can drop in between 10.30-12.30am or 1.30-3.30pm.

Slimy critters in the sensory garden! Image by Annabel Rushton

Whatever the weather, come and make the most of the rest of the summer holidays here at Leighton Moss this week! For more details visit our events page on our website.