Treecreepers are relatively common birds but often defy detection thanks to their cryptic plumage. Here at Leighton Moss they are regularly seen at close quarters, as they search for insects on the trunks and branches of the path-side trees. Often likened to mice, these small birds move jerkily along the bark seeking out insects and spiders with their distinctive long curved beak.  

treecreeper illustration  by Mike Langman

Treecreeper nests are usually found secreted behind a loose flap of bark and so when our Assistant Warden Nick Godden spotted a pair nest-building in an out-building at the reserve we were rather surprised! It really is quite unusual for this species to use an artificial nest site; they very rarely use nest boxes. After a little investigation we set up some cameras to record this uncommon spectacle and you can see the amazing results here.

So, have you found any unusual or interesting nest sites? Please let us know!      

If you are having trouble viewing this video follow the link to YouTube.

A special thanks to Jarrod Sneyd, RSPB Leighton Moss Senior Site Manager, for using his excellent sound recording skills to provide the background audio for the video.