Leighton Moss visit 22nd till 27th June

Leighton Moss

Leighton Moss
Do you love our Leighton Moss nature reserve? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!
Leighton Moss

Leighton Moss visit 22nd till 27th June

  • Did you manage to get any decent pics of the tatty GT feeding from my hand on the Lower Hide pathway?

  • Love the latest set, Paul, some lovely birds there.  But I'll agree with several others that the Marsh Harrier pics are my favourites of this set!

  • I forgot about that Paul, and I did and like you say it is tatty most have been feeding young.

    And justfound out why my colours are to strong too some how the camera as set itslfe on Landscape so will go and changes that now.

  • That's the one. Thanks Jim.

  • Lots of Robins on the 27th, so not as many pics.

    Another morning view. Still no Little Owl.

    Willow Warbler?

    Four fifths of the GBBG family

    Juvenile Reed Bunting on the path near the Causeway Hide

    Bank Vole?

    No idea what this tiny critter is

    Back at the pool by the bridge

    Slightly tatty but still very dainty

    Vocal Marsh Tit, with ring

    Slightly more intact version of the same butterfly species as before

    The tail end of a Swan/Goose convoy

  • Finally, Thursday 28th. I could have stayed at LM for an extra 2 hours had I known that I would be sitting at Lancaster station until 17-09.

    Juvenile BT near the Dipping Pool

    Toadlet on the path

    More of the psychedelic lighting under the bridge near the Dipping Pool

    Juvenile Dunnock?

    Male Reed Bunting in full song near the Causeway Hide

    This rather striking bird was just past the Causeway Hide. Any ideas as to what it is?

    This one was in the branches above the 'Eel Bridge'

    Juvenile Pied Waggie hunting for insects over the water

    Having a preen

    Some more surreal lighting. This time highlighting one of the baby Pheasants

    Flat out near the Dipping Pool

    Nutty in a pool of light

    Mr P

    Final non-Robin pic of my visit. Nutty retrieving a wax worm from the feeding log

  • Looks like a hard working GT on your hand MC, lovely pic James, he must have been grateful for help with it's food for family.

  • Posted that without pressing on reply????    Just looking through the pics on the 27th and thinking the butterfly could be a speckled wood MC, I like the pics by the pool at the bridge and the Marsh Tit shouting, and all those cygnets wow.

    On the 28th I hope you were able to stand/sit in the shade whilst waiting for that train...

    mystery bird I can't help with, but young dunnock I can agree with, gorgeous song thrush and of course lovely nutty enjoying the waxworm, thanks for posting and look forward to your robins.

  • Just been through my pictures again after missing the Great tit on Pauls hand and found these that I have not posted so here are my last pictures from our visit to LM.

    Alan and Hazel coming out from the car park sadly all four did not come out at the same time, the person in blue was not with out group.

    The Sniper.

  • Good photos James, glad you found the xtras, nice to see all the folk, think that bloke in blue is trying to be invisible.

  • James

    "Alan, is there a cash point around here?"

  • monkeycheese
    "Alan, is there a cash point around here?"

       That's taking your "Robbin's"  to a whole new level    lol 

  • monkeycheese


    "Alan, is there a cash point around here?"

    Now people can see why I was waiting for the armed police to turn up LOL

  • Yeah, ok. I see it now lol

  • I haven't forgotten my LM Robins slideshow, but last weekend the HTR's had three four day old nestlings taken from their nest. There were two unhatched eggs in the nest, but they were left behind. Mrs HTR subsequently disappeared. I hope she was not predated by whatever raided the nest. HTR himself is still around, but keeps tucked away. I have been rather reluctant to go through lots of Robin pics, but I will do so this coming week.