Leighton Moss 23rd - 27th July 2018

Leighton Moss

Leighton Moss
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Leighton Moss

Leighton Moss 23rd - 27th July 2018

  • This is going to be a little different I am starting this thread off with pictures taken today and working backwards just to be different :)

    Some Bar-tailed-Godwits and Redshanks down at the salt marsh this morning.

    Got these wrong they are Black-tailed-Godwits not Bar-tailed-Godwits


    Little Egret

    Green and Redshank



    Grey Wagtails

    Reed Bunting

    Got this Bank Vole on the reserve.


  • Great start with the pics Jim, lovely to see the waders, Waggies and Bunting the bank vole is very cute !  You got back home just before the rain and wind started !

  • Lovely shots Jim especially the Bank Vole.

    Looking forward (or backwards in the case of the photos) to seeing more.

  • Great Bank Vole shots.

  • Thank you Hazel, I have to re-name the Bar to Black-tailed-Godwits, and the rain did not start till this morning and then it was only a shower.

    Thanks Alan, I will be getting more ready very soon :)

    Thank you Kevin.

  • A few more from yesterday.

    The Nuthatch was that close no need to crop :)

    And this could be FMR came to me hand for the mealworms.

  • Good to see the birds by feeding logs as I didn't really photograph them this visit.    Poor birds look positively tatty as they moult !

  • They were and I felt sorry for them :(

    Some from Thursday.

    Not sure if this Wren is a young one or one in moult.

    Coal Tit in molt.

    Marsh Tit.

    Crow dropping a mussels to try and open them and it worked.

    Ruddy Darter? dipping pond.

    Marsh Harrier.

    Stag showing the height of the reeds this year.


    Holly Blue.

  • Some superb pics there Jim. I'd say your moulting Robin is a actually a juvenile that has almost got full adult plumage. Several of them were hand feeding when we were there in June, so it might be one of those. There were two at the feeding log. One of them was a hand feeder but its territorial rival was more interested in having a scrap.

  • You are right Paul, he does look in good condition, sadly a lot of the others don't :(

  • very nice additions Jim,  well done getting the roe deer as it was often only showing its head/back as it was half hidden down in the ditch that runs behind Grisedale.  

  • They showed well that day Hazel, a short video of Crow dropping mussels.

  • Lovely pics James, the bar- tailed Godwit has nice markings, love the bank vole and the Nuthatch too coming so close to you.   I have seen plenty of butterflies this year but no Holly Blue, and good to see the video of the crow and youngster, it is amazing how they know to fly up and drop the shellfish for a good meal.

  • Thank you Gaynor, and I renamed the Bar too Black-tailed-Godwits I got it wrong :)

  • Interesting to see the Crow with the mussel, made me laugh when it got on the mound to gain a little extra height before launching into the air   lol    They are smart birds although it didn't seem to fly high enough to crack it open properly and would have been easier to use the metal post nearby to open it  lol        

    See you back there on 12th   ;)