Sunday 2/9/2018 Leighton Moss with Hazel/Mike

Leighton Moss

Leighton Moss
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Leighton Moss

Sunday 2/9/2018 Leighton Moss with Hazel/Mike

  • Got to the salt marsh for 8:00am and went to Eric Morecambe hide first got some picture and not long after Hazel came through the door and Mike a short while after so after a an hour or so we then went to the main reserve and my first picture you guest it a Robin there were two and this one puffed its chest up to the other so here it is will get some more ready before the nights out but I just need a rest and a beer now.

  • A beauty Jim,  got that posturing action spot on.    I'm currently going through some of my pics.   Was lovely to get-together again on this fantastic reserve.

  • Cracking shot, Jim.

  • We always have a good time Hazel, even on a dull day like today sadly a lot of mine are to dark with lots of noise in them because I took the wrong camera up with me :( but I do have some to show when they are ready.

    Thank you Paul A, just a couple more for now will get more ready later.


    Little Egret.

    A few of them.

    And what we think is the mate to the first Robin.

  • A good start, Jim, especially the fluffed up posing Robin.

  • These are great Jim, the Lapwing detail is lovely and also the gorgeous troupe of "dancing" L.Egrets "     Gotta love those confiding Robins at LM :)

  • My mate is saying this is a ********* and I am saying its a ********* ok lets se how many go with me :)

  • You're both wrong. It's a ***** ********. Take a closer look and you'll see I'm correct.

  • Nice Robin pics. The weather must be affecting them if they are still paired up.

  • That's a nice catch in flight Jim, as we know, it wasn't easy to catch up with it  lol       Bet one of you is saying "Hawker" and the other is saying "Emperor"  lol    I'm not sure at all but I'll have a guess at Migrant Hawker !    Come on Nige ..... you know your dragons so put us on the right path  lol

  • Seeing you have it in the title of the photo address Jim I'll go with you.

  • Not enough blue down the side to be the other methinks.

  • lol Alan and I didn't think to cheat and look up the photo title !!   but if I recall correctly, I think I remember Jim saying the word Hawker as we watched it.   Watch all three of us be wrong lol  

  • Azure Hawker? If it's wrong then no food for my guide dog today!

  • Oh alright then, as you ask, I'll put you out of your misery or at least tell you what I think :)

    Emperors have a green thorax, so it's not that.

    Sorry, for your dog, Bill, but I think it will go hungry. The stripes on the thorax are too thick for it to be an Azure (which I believe is also less well-known in the region).

    I would say the points to Hazy and anyone else who said "Migrant Hawker" and a very nice in-flight shot, too.