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Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten osprey diary

The ospreys at Loch Garten have people across the world gripped in their tale of violence, adultery and... well... fishing.

Rio Tajo

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I've just finished entering the latest satellite data for both Mallachie and Rothes. When the map updates (assuming I did it right!) Mallachie will be up to date until 8am this morning (9th) and Rothes will be up to date until 1pm today.

Neither of them have done anything dramatic in the last 24 hours. Rothes definitely doesn't seem to be in a hurry to move on from near Fontaine north of Bordeaux. As for Mallachie she's exploring the Rio Tajo area thoroughly travelling eastwards and westwards along the river system between Parque Nacional de Monfrague in Spain and Parque Natural do Tejo Internacional in Portugal. She might have crossed over the border into Portugal, but the satellite hasn't caught her at it yet.

As for me I've got to dash - a meeting about Goldeneye ducks in Aviemore tonight. Tune in tomorrow for another update.



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  • Thanks for sorting that out JSB.

  • jsb - I must have been keeping it simple!!! Think I'll stick with "simple" for now!! x

  • Hot news...... for all faune-aquitaine can now register with a UK post-code, or zip code for those in other on, 'my municipality is not on the list' can now enter any UK postcodes with a space, now, you can enter any string shorter than 10 characters, including a space. Sometimes postcodes are written without spaces, but I think using a space is the preferred option. I hope this is clear, I have re-read it twice!

    Very many thanks to 'gde' our fellow blogger, who sorted this out so quickly.

  • Lesley, Re faune-aquitaine some of the content is only accessible via log-in. Some are content with 'guest' access. I found a problem, when I wanted to cross-reference a sighting, at a place name that was not recognised by Google. My  search was for Mallachie, at Barouins, which I now know is on the Lac d'Hourtin, thanks to Xalbai. It now turns out that she has been very close, but not there, unless she managed to hop across, as Katie once said between one minute past the hour and one minute to the hour, i.e. a 58 minute window when she was not being tracked. The maps need access as far as I can see, or not see! as in this case.

  • Roy Dennis has just posted that no new news has come in yet about "Rothie" or Red 8T and he is expecting some more data "late today"

    Red 8T was over land last time a fix came in so that is good but, like others, waiting to see where Rothie has got to. Everything crossed.

  • Re the Faune Aquitaine site - I have had no problems at all in looking at the pictures and info about all the sightings, in particular the ospreys.  I have not had to sign on or anything complicated at all.  Maybe I am just lucky but I only clicked on the things I wanted to see - Latest News - photos, etc. Ospreys 2009.  Has anyone else found it this easy? x

  • Margobird:

    On Roy Dennis's site for Rothiemurchus, I think he has mis-named the Osprey as Red 8T at the beginning of his post.  I'm sure he means the young Rothiemurchus which is the one going off course (It is Rothy's page after all).

    Red 8T is the older more experienced bird who has travelled non-stop from Northumberland to the tip of Spain (and might even carry on, according to Roy!).   I'm not too worried, just marvelling at his prowess.  You can check it on:  

  • Not being awkward at all  jsb.  Just wanting to learn the same as the rest of us.   :)

  • Katie thanks, problem solved....our posts crossed.

  • Hi Teresa, Yes I agree. But if you put Spain up on the screen, zoom out until it fills about half the screen with some sea showing, then Mallachie's line is complete. Even if I enlarge it slowly the line starts flickering around the area where N 40.5 deg intersects with W 5.5, then as I go in further I get the gap in that area. Maybe as you say the speed of change affect the graphics card in the computer, so each computer may be different. I'm only being awkward, I know.

    :o) jsb

  • Hi jsb. The data added to the map and Google Earth doesn't have any breaks in it (the line effectively joins the dots between the coordinates recorded once an hour). In Google Earth, if you have the terrain switched on (i.e. you get the 3D appearance of mountains etc) then occasionally the line appears to go through the mountains. I think that's because of the straight lines again, not following Mallachie's true height as she flies over.

    Or, it might be to do with your screen not being able to 'render' all the detail on the screen. If the line breaks up, try zooming back out and it should appear again.

  • Good morning and I too am glad that Mallachie has rested up.  She has had a very time since leaving LG.  Richard calles Rothes a slouch and she is still in the same place but I think she must be enjoying some good fishing there.

    balbuzard I too have looked in at roy Dennis' site and he is also worried about Red 8T as well.  I so hope they will get back on a better course, it will be tragic if they are lost after a successful year for most of the osprey nests.  It makes you wonder why some go the right way and others don't.   Hopefully Roy will update us tonight.

    Have a good day all I am assuming we all have pretty good weather at the moment, a bit fresh in the morning but warming up once the sun gets up.  Bit of a treat after all the rotten weather.

  • jsb

    I find that if I zoom in and follow the flight path of an individual osprey too fast I lose the line sometimes so I zoom out until the lines meet up again and then zoom in and just carry on as before but a bit slower     lol

  • Above not too clear, I am referring to the battery on the back pack, not the satellite.