EJ the Snow Queen!

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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EJ the Snow Queen!

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Well, well, well, it has been an exciting few days here at Loch Garten! With a drop in temperature, we have seen the reserve covered in blankets of snow, which has only added to magic of the center's peaceful setting. Monday and Tuesday, our ancient pines adorned a soft coat of thick, bright white snow...along with EJ and Odin's cosy nest!

Pines in the snow by Julie Quirie, RSPB Loch Garten.

We were utterly amazed at the sheer amount of snow that had fallen upon EJ and the nest, but being the nurturing mother that she is year upon year, EJ nestled down in her 'snow doughnut' and continued to incubate her three eggs. EJ has experienced snow in the past, we do live in the Scottish Highlands after all, but it has been so heart warming to see the extent of her dedication. With the last egg laid on Tuesday 11 April, EJ is nearly two weeks in to her five-six week incubation period. 

Can anybody see EJ? by Julie Quirie, RSPB Loch Garten.

With such dedication, EJ's efforts to incubate her eggs soon got some much deserved media attention, with the BBC reporting her hardiness in the face of the cold Scottish weather. We of course aren't surprised in the slightest, we all know just how amazing our pair are raising their young! EJ's efforts also created a splash on Facebook (or should we say caused a snow storm?), with a picture of her incubating her eggs under the cover of snow reaching over two hundered thousand people (and counting) and being shared by over a thousand incredulous fans! 

A view of the nest tree during the first covering of snow...there was a lot more to come! by Julie Quirie, RSPB Loch Garten.

Although it is still a bit nippy here, the snow has melted and our pair have quickly settled into their usual routine. Odin brought a fish in for a hungry EJ at 9.45 am, and EJ has continued to make sure the pairs's eggs are kept toasty and warm...she is also giving her talons a much deserved rest from all the autographs she's been writing! We certainly think you deserve to put your talons up and bask in the glory of your well deserved fame EJ!

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  • Thanks, Alice. Enjoyed the snowy pictures, too!

  • She is an amazing bird - and I can imagine what people must have thought of her dedication on seeing the photos of her in the snow doughnut.  I would think she has raised the profile of ospreys quite a bit this week, and who better to have done so?

  • Great blog Alice thank you