Satellite Tracked Ospreys (non-LG) Oct 2014 -

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Satellite Tracked Ospreys (non-LG) Oct 2014 -

  • Kielder Aln update

  • Latest update from Roy Dennis on Jules

  • More on Kielder Aln

  • Kielder Aln again

  • 640 still ranging on the Rio Tinto

  • Thanks Alan.

    640 (ringed LH0) is one of Clarach's chicks from Aberfoyle.

  • After 5 weeks of silence (due to a lack of cell towers on her route), Holly has now chimed in from eastern Brazil! You may remember that she encountered Hurricane Irma on her way from Maryland.

  • Kielder update

  • Thanks, Pandy and JD, for the news of Holly and of Aln.  If only Holly's tracker had video as well--it would be fascinating to see what happened with her and the hurricane.

  • More on Kielder Aln

  • Short update

  • The search for Kielder Archer

  • No news isn't good news re Kielder Aln

  • Sorry to hear that, JD.  We know that the odds are stacked against juvenile Ospreys but, sadly, it is still hard to face what may be the more usual end to their lives.  Even so, fingers crossed for both Aln and Archer.  Is UV still ok?



      Is UV still ok?

    Yes, he isn't doing much at the moment. There'll be a post about him next week.