News From Other Nests 2017

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

News From Other Nests 2017

  • Osprey at Hilton Head right now 

  • Thanks, Alan.

  • 2 eggs at Pink Shell Beach

  • The first egg was damaged at Pink Shell beach and the 2nd laid on 19/1.  I recon hatch watch could start 23/2 35 days as the 2nd egg. Probably 24/2 at 36 days, if anyone is interested :-)

  • First bobblehead this year at Pink Shell just now if anyone wants to see a baby before our Ospreys return. I cannot post pictures.

  • kathybn

    First bobblehead this year at Pink Shell ... ... I cannot post pictures.

    Here you go, KATHY - compliments of my friend Carol Craig on Osprey Friends FB.  (I've cropped it a bit as there's no zoom on that cam.)

  • Thank you scylla. He looks quite big :)

  • There are osplets in Florida. 

  • The Skidaway Island, Savannah, Georgia, nest is no longer a Great Horned Owl nest (Hurricane Matthew damaged the tree and the owls didn't seem to fancy it any more)... it is being taken over by OSPREYS, who have nested there in years gone by.

    I don't know if this female will be a resident, but isn't she beautiful?!  She could almost be a UK osprey with her lovely markings.


  • What a fab photo of a lovely looking osprey Scylla, thank you for posting it.  

  • The Skidaway Island ex-Great Horned Owl nest could hardly be better suited for ospreys - see it now, imagine it with osplets getting ready to fledge!

  • FACEBOOK UPDATE from Aberfoyle about their tracked juveniles.  

  • Thanks MARY

  • Osprey on French nest in Loire region right now

  • Osprey seen above the nest at Bassenthwaite this AM.