News From Other Nests 2017

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

News From Other Nests 2017

  • Thanks, Hedgy.  Hope she recovers enough to be released in Spring.

  • Many thanks for posting the photos Sandra, and thanks for the link Mike!

  • No problem, Hedgy :)

  • I wondered if Bailey would go to the Audubon Center in Maitland, we have visited there it's a wonderful place and Bailey will be well looked after.

  • So glad Bailey is now out of the cold! She has ridden in boats and cars before, and now an airplane. Talons crossed that her wing will heal completely.

  • What a journey dear Bailey has been on, all the ups and downs and all the wonderful care that she has had to help her get to where she is now. She is looking good and now that she is in a warmer climate she get herself completly better before she is released, and who knows what is going to happen then and where she will fly to.

  • Hi all. Im heading to Florida on Thursday, and will visit the Audubon centre, hopefully I will get to see Bailey and find out the latest news, might get some photos too. :-)

  • Please do KariAnne and keep us updated.

  • Hi KariAnne, Good luck with your Florida visit.  Hope you manage to see Bailey.

  • Who else has been following the aggressive Eastern osprey chick in Port Lincoln, South Australia? She doesn't seem satisfied with finally having knocked her sibling, Stevie, out of the nest (now in care at Raptor Domain). She's turning her aggression toward Mum, and not limited to the usual nips. Is this level of aggression normal, or is there another explanation?

    Chick coming in after Mum

    (c) Port Lincoln Osprey

    Stays on her back

    (c) Port Lincoln Osprey

    and pins her down

    (c) Port Lincoln Osprey

  • Yes this bird does seem to be a violent one. Still there have been violent ones before. 

  • Update re Bailey

    Audubon Centre for Birds of Prey Facebook

  • Sandra

    Update re Bailey

    Thanks, Sandra. It's so good to see her continuing to improve, step by step!

  • Well done Bailey, hope he continues to make good progress.

  • An article from National Audubon about Bailey.