LOCH GARTEN OSPREY GABFEST for Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec, 2017

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

LOCH GARTEN OSPREY GABFEST for Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec, 2017

  • Gorgeous photo, June--thanks!  We are too far south in England to see the aurora from here but I lived for some years in an area where I was able to see the aurora on several occasions.


  • Oh brrrrrrr, looks a bit different than when I saw it in the summer June!

  • Good morning all.  A drizzly Gray damp morning here today. June thankyou for the photo of LG brings back memories of poor EJ when she arrived earlier this year almost buried in snow sitting on her nest. Makes me want to cry now when I think of how the season ended for her.

    Birds are eating masses of food now preparing for the coming cold snap. We are filling the feeders up ever day including fat balls. Our sparrowhawk makes almost daily visits and usually makes of with a blue tit! Love to watch him but don't particularly like him taking our dear blue tits.

  • Willow, Sorry to hear about the Blue Tits falling prey to the Sparrow Hawk.  I know they need to eat, too, but I prefer it when the prey is a larger bird--Collared Doves for example.  That is why we keep providing sunflower hearts for all the birds--to keep a steady supply of large food for the Sprawk rather than have it taking our little birds!

  •  Willow, on my face book page I've been posting "rainy day pictures" almost every day, just to cheer people up about the rain.  Maybe I should post one for you.

  • Good evening. Garden birder I saw yesterday morning a pile of what looked like wood pigeon feathers so I think the sparrow hawk had him! I have seen a couple of times a sparrow hawk taking a wood pigeon which is amazing given the size of them!

  • Evening, Willow.  Yes, I imagine that the Sparrow Hawk which took the Wood Pigeon was a female, much bigger than a male Sprawk.

  • June thank you for posting the pics unfortunately I don't have Facebook! I don't know why I have twitter but don't use it as i seem to keep getting endless password problems! I think it can be a good source of information.

  •   I know you don't have Facebook, Willow and I had intended to post a rainy day picture here for you.  Will do so now.

    The gloomier the day (or just my feelings)  the brighter are the colors I wear.  I keep a generous supply of brightly colored umbrellas on hand to help me face rainy days with a song in my heart.

  • Oh and this too for all the rainy days you have in the UK. 


  • Loving the idea of the lovely coloured brollies and clothes, on a wet, horrid day.

  • Whoop whoop so it may be, but I just got my letter from RSPB accepting me to be a residential volunteer again next year at LG.  30th June for a week Soooo excited now !  Started my count down already I just hope EJ is back and this time I get to see some healthy chicks. Was so sad when she disappeared on my watch this year. Big prayers being said for her.

  • Well done and good luck for the season.

  • Hello everyone,

    just a quick sign from me that I'm still safe and sound. In the near future I'll have even less spare time to join you than before: On November 6th my / our little son was born. His name is Karl and on November 6th his weight was 2880g and he was 51 cm long. We are very happy, and I hope you are all well yourselves. Kind regards from Germany!