Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey) 5 November 2017

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey) 5 November 2017


    I hope everyone has a wonderful week. 

    Black-Billed Magpie

    Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge, Wyoming USA
    U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
    Photo labeled Public Domain (Copyright Free)

  • Thank you Diane for starting the week. A lovely picture.

    Lindy, I am glad Bonnie's adventure had a satisfactory outcome. A rather

    expensive time for you, but must be worth it for peace of mind.

  • Hello to everyone.

    I am finishing a segment of my freelance project by Tuesday, and I'll make time to start posting again when I'm done with that.

    Lindy and AQ: I've enjoyed your lovely holiday photos. All of them were very interesting.

    Annette: I'm sure you enjoyed Robert Reich. I've never seen him, but I know he can be quite engaging. Hope all is well with you. 

    OG: Hope you enjoyed the supper and concert.

    Rosy: Nice to see you posting again.  

    I hope Bonnie the dog is okay now.

  • Hey Diane: Thanks for starting us off. I was just reading your first post about the moon when my OH called me out to see the it - gorgeous!   Robert Reich was indeed engaging. It was a free event and they had to turn many people away.  Anyway, you know how short he is?  Well, he came out onto the stage and started off with: "Well, as you can see, the Trump Administration is wearing me down." (Lots of laughs). Then: "I'm really 6'2"."  Even more laughs. He then got serious and went on to tell how he'd been to several of the so-called red states way back in the primaries to talk to folks to hear what their concerns were and what they were thinking and was surprised to hear that many were considering voting for either Donald Trump - or Bernie Sanders. The rationale being they felt ignored by Washington and wanted someone - anyone - to shake things up.  He was pretty exasperated with the current Democratic party - said he's often in meetings with Dems in DC and says, essentially, that they just don't get it; that it's "like talking to the wind."  Like Biden, he's optimistic about the future - his reasoning being that things were much worse in the 60s and the public eventually started taking notice of what was going on (but I'm not sure if the divisions were the same). He did say that the current crop of students that he's teaching (he wears lots of hats) is the most politically engaged he's seen in decades, and that people are generally paying more attention.  (There was an item on . He also harkened back to the days of the robber barons and reminded people that huge reforms came into force after that. His main beef - as we can all agree - is that there's waaaaay too much money in politics, etc. He spoke for about 40 minutes and then had a Q&A, but I couldn't stay for that.  Condoleeza Rice will be at the University in January and I think I'll go see her too.   Don't you just love the recent revelations about the Dems; campaign, especially the Donna Brazile claims. But didn't she sneak Hillary the questions before one of the debates (of course that was after Bernie had been sorted).  I remember the fiasco with Debbie Wasserman - not my favorite person at all. What a farce it all is. I haven't read any details or analysis of the Brazile book yet; fled to the garden for a couple of hours then we watched Mash reruns instead of the news!  She'll probably be on the Sunday talk shows; what do you think her motives are (apart from selling her book)?

    Apologies to all for political detour there!   :-)

    Lindybird: Gosh, you had to pay VAT on top of that fat call to the poison center?  What an expensive walk on the beach that was! In this country, somebody would've sued someone by now for polluting the coastline and/or endangering wild life (and pets!).

    Our clocks go back an hour tonight - the extra hour sounds good; if a bit discombobulating. Will have to do the rounds of all the electronic gizmos tomorrow.  Glad our TV cable and phone companies take care of those devices for us...

  • Good morning - wondering how Bonnie is today.  Had a wonderful evening - more about it later as we are actually up in time for church, so things to be done!

  • Good  Morning.  Thanks to Diane for her beautiful picture to start us off again.  I had to go outside to fetch something from the car last night, and was stopped in my tracks by the sight of the moon, looking like something in an ethereal painting. Beautiful and haunting.

    Bonnie has coughed a little in the night: she has probably hurt her throat and it's now dry and scratchy. But she's not coughing all the time, so we're going to see how things go. She managed some food and the Vet recommended nothing too greasy. The vets bill also included for an injection she gave her for anti nausea, and of course the consultation. We don't have her insured, as pet insurance these days is very steep indeed, so we'd rather just pay up and hope we never have any major incidents.

    My OH is struggling with his back and leg pain and has an appointment for Wednesday with the chiropractor, who has been the only person who can give any relief. He thinks he aggravated it by lying upside down underneath our Youngest's kitchen sink whilst installing him a new one.  I still have a sore and dry throat which still doesn't seem to be developing into anything, so at least I don't have a cold. We are both walking wounded, LOL!!

  • Was just going to write that I hoped you'd had a good evening, OG.

    Annette -- Similar discussions are going on here, it seems that everyone is ready to vote for change on the political front, almost irrespective of the danger of putting someone how shall I say, "unsuitable" in a position of power. It's good that people are talking more about politics, especially the younger ones, but I'm shocked at how no one seems to think badly of anyone, once they have been convinced by hype that they are the solution to all our problems.

    EDIT --  We've been told that the substance on the beach is from a ship which went down in the Irish Sea in the 1990s. Apparently, every now and then it disgorges more of its cargo.

    Diane - Thinking of you, working away at getting your project finished. Is it cold there, yet?  We're having colder temps this week as after a mild autumn, we finally seem to be entering our winter now.

    Rosy - Thank you.

  • Today's pic:

  • I'm relieved about Bonnie, LINDY xx

  • Morning all. Also glad for Bonnie. We have had cats for years and know what it is like when something goes wrong. We have decided that our current cats will be our last due to age and health. A glorious day here if chilly. Now running on laptop as I think I downloaded some malware – probably key logger so pc is off to be sorted tomorrow. Oh's next appointment with the consultant is 30th November so our week in Cornwall is safe. Tomorrow will be one of our best days for a while. We had a final cheque from the bike insurers so closing the Executor account! Also British Gas finally got themselves sorted out and we will be getting a £0.00 Final Bill. We are finally finished!!!!!

  • LINDY.  So pleased Bonnie is well on the recovery road, if not you and your OH, so wishing you both well soon.  Benson is the first dog we have insured and it has been worth it as he ad an eye op when he was a year old and more recently an op to remove a pice of grass from his windpipe. We never insured the Goldies and would have lost out if we did.  

    Drove to Dochgarroch this morning and saw snow on Ben Wyvis for the first time this winter. Late this year as we usually see it before October is over.

  • Thanks to Everyone. Bonnie seems OK and although she has a little cough now and then, she is not wheezing so it's not affected her lungs - we think it's just that she has a sore throat. We went for a walk in the Autumn sunshine this morning, after it had stopped raining, then had a good lunch out - Pork carvery for my OH and Welsh cheese & leek Quiche for me, with salad. Came back here for a cuppa and my OHs first mince pies of this winter which I had brought with me. I prefer a shortbread biscuit!

    ForestBoar - What great news! You must be celebrating, there, as the whole situation has taken such a long time to get sorted out. But you got there in the end :-)

    Dibnlib - All those good Scottish names are so evocative, and I would love to see the 1st snows on the mountain tops. Nothing on Snowdonia here, yet, but give it time!

    Heather - Hope you had a good weekend. You've been tackling the garden with determination, so in Winter you will hopefully be able to rest upon your laurels and look forward to coping with it in Springtime.

  • Hi, all.

    Diane – good to see your post: thanks for starting us off and the smart Magpie!  More on Moon and our evening out later.

    Hello, Rosy – I hope all is good with you and yours.

    Annette – clock adjustments around the house seem to take longer than the hour we gain!

    Linda – sorry Bonnie appears to have a sore throat – and hope yours has still not worsened or developed into a cold.  Sorry too about your OH’s aches and pains – not too long till Wednesday!  Will you have to drive the journey home on Tuesday?

    ForestBoar – sorry about the PC – hope it is curable.  Good that appointment date for your OH will not affect the trip to Cornwall.

    Dibnlib – would love to be up there to see Ben Wyvis with his snowy top!

    So, our evening …

    When we set off from home, the Moon was just coming over the horizon, so it looked impressively large and orange.  We had it in view through much of the journey – and then all the way home we had clear moonlit skies as it continued its journey.  Bunnies were out feeding, and I had expected Owls, but didn’t see any.

    The supper was excellent as usual.  They do quite basic food, but with tasty sauces.  There are three starters, three mains and three deserts, but we rarely eat more than two courses.  I had the veggie choice this time, which was a Cheese and Lentil Loaf, containing some onion, mushroom and herbs, served with a tomato sauce and the same veg available to all (the vegetables are always nicely steamed).  I made a mistake choosing Lemon Syllabub which was too rich and gave me indigestion – served with a nice piece of shortbread; must remember to stick to savoury dishes, as all the sweets have a lot of cream.

    The concert was excellent; Jacqui Dankworth is excellent, and can do scat brilliantly – but as she says she doesn’t have her Mother’s four octaves to do it with!  The programme was numbers written by partnerships, and she was performing with her very clever pianist/vocalist husband Charlie Wood.  I found the references to their own partnership a bit “treacly”, but they do have a good rapport and understanding of each other’s contribution.  John (Johnnie) Dankworth died in 2010, but Cleo Laine is celebrating her 90th birthday, and there will be a special concert for her in Birmingham Town Hall (and broadcast on BBC Radio 2) on 29th November, at which she herself will be singing!

    We did go to church this morning and it was good to be over those horrid antibiotics and be able to be there.  The elderly lady who was in for her cataract op the same afternoon as mine says she has been told she will not get any improvement until she has had some laser treatment – she has very poor sight anyway, but they are hoping to let in a bit more light; she is such a lovely patient lady.

    Apologies for the length of this post – not much happening tomorrow, so won’t have so much to say!

  • I was delighted to hear of your attendance at the concert, OG.  I loved John Dankworth and Chleo Lane in my youth.  How wonderful to know that their daughter is taking over the mantle!

  • .

    We looked out window and there on the waiting–to-be-mowed-lawn was this “new” bird foraging. I grabbed camera, careful not to get too close to window, snapped a few pics before it flew off . . and that’s when I saw there were two. Adelaide rosellas, said to be a hybrid of the crimson & yellow rosellas.