Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey) 5 November 2017

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey) 5 November 2017

  • Lindybird:  Loved those curls!  Ugh - awful about that dog; sounds like Bonnie was indeed lucky. Wonder how many casual visitors would know about the hazard...

    Off to Tai Chi and to stop by our TV/Cable supplier's office to see what they mean by sneakily increasing our monthly charges!

  • Here are some more pics from our trip:    We left the pleasant park, and the Monastery, and drove in the coach a short way to the river -  this is the famous River  Tagus, and is very wide where Lisbon has now grown in size beside it, giving them a sea port which is safe from the oceans occasional bad moods. There is a vast history of the famous Portuguese explorers leaving from here, and they are rightly very proud of them all.

    On the way to our next stop, we passed an ultra modern building which is a Cultural  Centre, for Exhibitions etc.

    We arrived to visit this, the very famous Monument  to  the  Discoveries.  Built in the late 50s and completed in 1960, after it was first conceived in the 1930s but the original was destroyed and then this built, it is a tribute to all of their brave and famous explorers, who went out in their small (by today's standards) wooden ships, and found many new parts of the world, including beginning trade with the Orient.  It looks outwards, right on the edge of the mighty river, and is set into a large mosaic of marble like a compass.  This is the first impression you get of the vast size of it - 50 metres high.

    Detail of the intricate and beautiful marble compass.

    As it is approached from the rear:  there were hundreds of people of all nations, there.

  • More of the Monument to the Discoveries:

    Detail of the lead figure, Henry the Navigator:  notice the ship in his hand. Along both sides of the monument are other figures, 33 in all, who are all real people, including Vasco da Gama and Magellan.  Some of them were scientists and map makers.

    I liked the "waves" on the floor....

    View to the right, looking out towards the sea.

    One of two metal globes alongside.


  • More of the Monument:   seeing it, was a real "Aaah" moment.

    The light was better at the time, to view the other side.  It actually touches the edge of the water at the front so you cannot walk around the front of it.

    The detail was amazing:  they had put a lot of thought into the design.

    The lead figures from this side: he has a map in his left hand, I think.

  • More of the Monument:

    If you look into the distance, you can see a huge cruise ship just leaving.

    People were constantly arriving and leaving, and of course most of them were taking selfies!!

    More detail.  The whole thing was most impressive.

    Next to it, a big art construction reading in English, the word "LOVE".  There were hundreds of locks and love tokens attached, and a man was in a little hut selling these nearby.

    We did not add to these......  !

    Right next to that, a beautiful modern Marina, full of expensive looking yachts.

  • Thank you, LINDY. Great pics.

  • Been AWOL as grumpy and miserable..

    Did my knee in big league and it went ping..

    Torn a cartilage so 4 Physio visits so far and now look like an athlete with blue tape .

    Heather has seen photographic proof..

    Seems it could take 3 months but luckily all excersises are Pilates based do know them well.  

    I do read and look at all your photos ..,

    Miss my long solo walks but attempt as many Daisy walks as possible .

  • WENDY- Yes, looks bad. What a bummer, only time and exercises will help, as you say.

    You will indeed be frustrated and grumpy.
  • Oh trust me Heather I am..

    But there again it’s doable and not long term x

  • Sorry for you Wendy. Sounds  v painful. What were you doing when it happened?

    Lovely pics, Lindy. That monument is amazing.So much detail.

    I could not believe that Bonnie was the only dog to have found the toxic substance.

    Hope you have a good journey, Annette and happy listening.

  • Oh, goody, more pics from Linda. I’ll be back later to view them when washing is on line. Summer is here <sigh> 6 days of low 30s. Expecting 33 today. Already my sinuses are stuffed from whatever in north wind.

    Take care Wendy. {{{HUGS}}}

  • Oh, poor you, Wendy - that sounds so painful.  Hope it soon rights itself - good that you're familiar with the exercises needed.

    Rosy -- The monument was one of the highlights of our trip.

    AQ - I'll be over there directly, to get warmed up. I'm wearing three layers of clothing already and our winter has barely started......

    My head has been bunged up with this cold, but now I feel miraculously better after a nice glass of cold white wine ;-)

  • Wendy: What a pain - literally. Being immobile would rive me up and wall too.

    Have a nice Saturday all.

  • Good  Morning,  All.  Just getting light here.

    Surprisingly, it's Saturday again already - didn't we have one about two days ago?

  • Here's today's pic: