Foulshaw Moss Ospreys 2018

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Foulshaw Moss Ospreys 2018

  • A sibling has arrived

  • It was thought that maybe Blue 35 had left but there was this tweet yesterday - Well, after assuming that Mrs Osp had scarpered, we saw five birds on the reserve today, one of which was a female with a blue ring. Maybe she set off but tried to travel by Northern Rail.. - made me smile :)

  • My friend would appreciate that She has to use that line LOL!

  • Youngster on the nest, standing on one leg so can't see the ring...and its 2 siblings just arrived but before I could capture one helicoptered off. The original bird also flew to the bush behind the nest One left on the nest but largelly hidden by the FB etc strip

  • Fish delivery. Two chicks present.

    Soon there are three!


  • Thanks for the pic of three youngsters, Mike, I had looked in quite often in the last couple of days, and only seen two at a time, and was just deciding maybe 7N had left, though rings are often indistinct.

  • Another ENS

  • Nice surprise!

    C CWT Foulshaw Moss

  • 5N having breakfast, watched by ? who is also shouting

    C CWT Foulshaw Moss

  • When I came back 5N was alone on the nest, still eating but has now flown off with the rather large fish

  • One on the nest preening

  • A whale of a fish just brought in by YW , all three on the nest, can't quite make out the ring number of who has it.

  • Couple back on the nest having tea

  • Was just to leave when 5N flew in....and already gone

  • One on the nest, like 3AU at Manton,shouting for breakfast