OFF-SEASON OBS, LOCH GARTEN NEST, 07 August 2018 ~ March 2019

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

OFF-SEASON OBS, LOCH GARTEN NEST, 07 August 2018 ~ March 2019

  • CC
    Even though rain streaks are happening multiple times every second, I could only catch ONE in my 15 rapid fire captures

    I promise I didn't know you'd posted until I just came here with my achievement - which certainly was not captured via rapid fire, I had to narrow down a clip to a few seconds in order to get a branched splat ;-D

  • I'm going to be asleep for daycam, shall hopefully do it later :)  G'night all.

  • Just for your records MC. Sleep well.

  • Good Morning MIKE

  • Hi Patily.

  • Good morning, PATILY and MIKE :)

    Got woken up by a cruel phone call >:(

    It's been raining overnight.

    Little flyers dodging the raindrops:

    Another split splat:

    DAYCAM 05:03hr:

    Full daytime - see MIKE's snap above :)

  • The 'phone caller clearly does not follow this thread!!

  • Good morning all.  The overnight rain apppears to have stopped, but it looks very soggy just now.


  • Morning all, am loving all the rainy, spidery patterns girlies! How dare that caller disturb your sleep Scylla! Wonder if we will have any passers bye today then?

  • A short visit by a redstart and great tit

  • There are a couple of images of EJ on the Rutland osprey images fb page. It doesn’t say where or when the pics were taken though.

    (As I’m on my phone I can’t make the link open in a new window sorry. 

  • Aw lovely to see EJ again, it, would be great to find out when the pictures were taken and where she was.

  • Darren Toohie took his photos of EJ at Aviemore Ospreys hide - more of his photos here

  • Admiring your overnight SPLAT, scylla. :-D

    [Moments later: I know you are the ONLY friends that could appreciate that after I launched the cam this morning, I heard a barely perceptible chirp only to realize it was a faint morning wheeze coming from my own lungs. Then I remember there is no cam sound, heh.]

  • Gosh and I thought the noise was coming from MY lungs!

    Good one CC