Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 12 August 2018

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 12 August 2018

  • Gillian: A hearty welcome to this thread! I would so love to visit your area of Scotland. It always sounds so beautiful.

    My ancestors are from Scotland, and they built the house I live in now. They immigrated to the U.S. and briefly settled in what was then officially called the "Indian Territory," which later became the state of Oklahoma. They traveled by covered wagon to Indiana and homesteaded the land that I live on now. I live alone, except for the wildlife (a pair of red-tailed hawks, deer, rabbits, squirrels, coyotes, foxes, raccoons, lots of woodpeckers, and a big fat groundhog with attitude.

    I'm glad you can now spend time with your grandchildren after having worked so hard when you were younger. I hope you continue to have a wonderful time with them. So nice to have you here on the thread. 

  • ChrisyB: I am so very sorry that your brother, D, is so ill. I am sending him my very best wishes for a smooth treatment and rapid recovery and healing. Take care of yourself. 

  • Such interesting posts, homesteading in the US, milking cows and stories of achievements:-) And enjoying Bonnie's blog, LINDY!

    I'm in bed, early for some but not for me. The roast dinner was great- I didn't do anything, didn't even peel a potato! Youngest son in law did all the prep and cooking. I did protest ( a bit!).

    Hope everyone had a good day and that FORESTBOAR and family managed to get out for their usual Sunday lunch.

  • How nice to have a roast dinner cooked for you Heather! Lamb is my favourite too!

    Thanks Diane for your concern, but my brother is not feeling ill as such, though he does have symptoms and is perhaps rather more tired than before. It is a worry though of course.

    I must join in on the swimming topic - we were all expected to swim from an early age and my father was always a keen swimmer, and diver, so made sure we could swim, mostly in the lake rather than in a pool. My tiny junior school, (which closed many years ago), took the top class, aged 10/11, to the lake in the summer term, I remember being very cold on at least one occasion!  On any holidays we would be in the water, whether a pool or the sea., and also in the lakes if a warm summer. I have not gone swimming at all for years but my sister goes regularly to her local pool, and a brother up here in the warm weather last month was in Coniston a few times.

  • Good evening everyone,

    A lot of news on here in the last couple of days. Thanks to all, and welcome Gillian.

    I have been rather occupied recently, as I have had a birthday. OH organised a lunch for me at his golf club. He is a social member now.

    Friends and family arrived from various places, including our son and OH's niece, both from the US.  Two of my oldest friends, who I did  my nursing training with  in Bristol came as well, with their OH's.

    Oh arranged a 'ceasefire' from the downstairs noises while our guests were here. This worked partially, but the good thing was that we found out that there will only

    be about one week more of banging and dust.

    Reading quickly, I spotted AQ's post about knitted sausages. I thought that anyone just joining would wonder what sort of people we are on here!

    I once knitted a string of onions for a French onion seller doll.

    I also was imagining Lindy milking in a mob cap!

  • Diane, your family history is interesting. How lovely that the wild turkeys came to call. They have obviously heard that that you are a 'soft touch' for all wildlife and would be welcome at your door.

    I was also one of those who were bussed to the local outdoor swimming pool. It was freezing cold, but we were more hardy then.

    Most of us hated it and made no progress at all. As Lindy (I think) said only the very few who were any good, got any attention.

    Best wishes to all, especially those with health problems, or those  who have friends or relatives who are unwell.

  • Glad you enjoyed your birthday, Rosy --  21 again, I guess!!  Sounds as if your OH organised a good "do." - how nice to include your old nursing friends.

    Heather - Your family are lovely, bringing and cooking dinner.  I keep meaning to comment on your news that you need treatment for your hands - I hope that what you have done will help.

    AQ - I'm sure there must be something I can say about the knitted sausages......

    Diane - I have always been in awe of those brave pioneers in their covered wagons, trying to make a new life for themselves in what were often difficult conditions.  You must be very proud to be able to trace your ancestry back to such folks.

    We heard from our Eldest that he's coming for another of his flying visits tomorrow night, but this time he's staying for two nights. I'll have to take a few things out of the guest room again, and flirt a duster around. We look forward to more news of Amber.

  • Hello all, and thankyou Diane for starting us off. Love the picture of the wolf, a handsome fella.

    Talking of swimming, I was able to take swimming lessons early on, well whilst at senior school, and haven't looked back. I'm not sure I want to swim in the sea or a lake but could give it a try, maybe one day!!

    You've all been quite busy with one thing and another.

    Off up to Manchester for the day on Tuesday - visiting my brother, having lunch with them and then we are off up to Edgeworth for the best ice cream one can buy - homemade and has been since 1929. I remember visiting the shop in the late 50's early 60's and have visited most years since. I remember the original owners and their family serving you. Nowadays it has been bought by a new person but he is determined to carry on tradition.  Its a lovely old fashioned grocers, ice cream, come sweetie shop and a bit more besides.

    On Thursday, after seeing a specialist last Thursday, am to have a nerve conduction study test as I have had involuntary movements in arms and legs for some time now and was wondering whether it was the beginnings of Parkinsons.  My specialist has virtually ruled that out so we will see what this test throws up , if anything.

    Rosy, glad you had a great birthday meeting up with family and friends.

    Heather, see you had lunch prepared for you and roast lamb too, my favourite.

    Lindy - see you have been busy with one thing and another, enjoy your time with your eldest.

  • Evening everyone. This is take 2. Lost the first post cos I went back to check something.

    Thanks Heather, Diane and Rosy for the welcome.

    Your family history Diane is fascinating. Imagine living in the same farmstead that your ancestors built. Sounds idyllic with the wildlife.  When did your ancestors emigrate from Scotland.

    Glad you had a lovely family get together for your birthday Rosy. That was thoughtful of your OH to organise that.

    That was a nice impromptu thing for your family to do Heather.  Nothing beats lamb and all the trimmings.

    I hope you and hubby are feeling virtuous Lindybird with a sparkling conservatory. Loving Bonnies posts and she certainly seems to have settled down now. I remember she used to get up to a bit of mischief occasionally.  We have 2 chihuahua /jack Russell crosses called Rosie and Susie.  They are terribly noisy but totally lovable. I think they think the cows are big dogs and bark incessantly at them.  The cows pay no attention at all although once about a year ago started stampeding towards the fence. That was a bit scary.

    Have a lovely visit with your son.

    Yes OG its great to have the family close and more time to enjoy the younger ones. I did not see the Med gull . I doing know much about farming but the cows certainly look very healthy and well looked after and good to see the calves with their Mums.

    Weather been ghastly today so only went out briefly to see the baby.  It's the first time I've seen his eyes open and he was bright as a button.  He's short of cardigans so going out for wool and needles etc tomorrow and see if I can produce anything remotely wearable. Not knitted since mine were small and was not very proficient then.

    Sorry for the long ramble. Have to train myself to be more succinct.

    Night all

  • Evening all:  Was in the garden (sorting and organizing and tidying) most of the day.  

    Diane: Well, clearly you're the person we need when out tractors break down.  But if you don't mind, I'll do the driving.  :-)  I bet you've got one eye out for the turkeys all the time now  - are they more active at certain times of day?

    OG: Every now and then I have to delete my printer and reinstall it (just by selecting it again on the screen) in order to print anything.   Go figure.

    Heather:  I'm jealous!  If someone arrived with food and then cooked it and I didn't have to lift a finger, I'd think I died and went to heaven.

    Rosy: Was this a 'special' birthday?  Sounds like it was quite a party.   Anyway, belated best birthday wishes to you and what a relief to know the worst of the downstairs work is almost over.    Yes, "knitted sausages" could give casual readers something to think about.   And just think how well they'd go with knitted onions!   :-)

    Gillian:  How old is your new grandson?  (And can knitted sausages and onions be in your future?)   Oh don't worry about being succinct;  I'm pretty sure it's not a criterion for this thread. :-)

    Lynette:  We have a fab ice cream place here in town that has been around for decades  Altogether too dangerous a place to visit.  Do you have to go far for the Thursday appt with docs?

    Washing machine was going all day today while I zoomed in and out to the garden.  Tomorrow: The ironing!  

  • My 'learning to swim story' is that when I was about six years old my parents thought I should learn.  I was taken to the local swimming pool and put in an ADULT rubber ring - surprisingly, I immediately fell through, swallowing a lot of the pool!  Unsurprisingly, I have called myself a non-swimmer ever since … although I know what to do, I'm too scared to do it.  I'm fine as long as I can touch the bottom!

  • Good Morning. A bit grey, here. At least we had some rain in the last few days, and the hot spell is over.

    Lynette - Glad they're investigating your problems. Hope they can put a name to it, which always makes you feel a lot better.

    Gillian - Don't apologise for 'rambling', it's nice to hear more about you. Can you cope with putting on pictures? It would be nice to see your dogs.

    AQ - If you manage to knit some bacon and eggs to go with the sausages, I'll come over for them as it's my OHs favourite breakfast!

    We received a postcard from our grandson, with a Welsh "cassell" on it, saying they had enjoyed their holiday.

    Off to emulate Annette, and fill the w. machine.  I seem to remember that in a survey last year, asking people what were the most important modern inventions, the washing machine came very near the top!

  • LOL, Pat!!  I know what you mean, I think I was put off when small by my father threatening to throw me straight in!

  • Heather: Thanks for your thought, we got a little damp on the way otherwise dry. The break is welcome as Wednesday and Sunday are hard going in the mornings due to the amount of hoist transfers for having a shower - cooking is banned!

    We had a heavy rainfall early evening here but none of the overnight thunderstorms we were forecast to have. Green is a colour coming back.

    As for swimming, the first year in Grammar school swimming was compulsory for everyone. We were marched down through Old Portsmouth High street to the entrance to Portsmouth Harbour onto the stony beach there we had to change and swim close to the entrance. We had to do a lot of dodging tar on the stones. Entrance to a harbour not a clever idea. I can swim but it is hardly a high priority in my life!

  • FB - Pleased to hear that you managed to get out for your Sunday lunch treat. That sounds silly, trying to teach youngsters to swim in such a place.

    I see that the whale who was pushing her dead calf around has now finally abandoned it, after a record 17 days.