Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 16 September 2018

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 16 September 2018

  • You must have enjoyed having your niece to stay, Annette. She must have had a whale of a time :-)   Now however, you can put your feet up for a bit!

    Well, we've had another eventful day!

    This morning, my OH came down to find that Bonnie had been sick on the dining room carpet - she has been chewing at some of the dried up sweetcorn which has been growing in nearby fields. They farm it to feed to cattle. It was so hard and woody, that her body had rejected it. He cleaned it all up.

    Then whilst I was sorting out the laundry, I heard him shout from the garage. As soon as I opened the door to look, he said "Don't come in!"  He had knocked a pot of white emulsion paint down from a shelf and the lid had come off.  What a mess!!  It was on the floor, on his slippers, on his trousers, on the front of the freezer door.....  I threw him some dry newspapers and took his slippers, leaving him with bare feet. He cleaned it all up.

    This afternoon, he was watching TV and I was looking at my emails. Suddenly, I heard him swear and shout again! It was raining hard as we've had stormy weather again today, and there was water dripping down the inside of the sitting room wall!  He jumped up and ran to look outside. We've had a lot of moss on our roof and it's been blocking up the ridges and gutters. He went out with a ladder to poke at the trapped moss. I put down towels indoors and moved lamps in case they got wet. Then later, we cleaned it all up.........

    ......  We can't wait to go on holiday!!

  • Is it tomorrow you go, LINDA?  Have a great time!

  • Hope the eye is going well, OG.

    We go at Silly O'clock on Sunday morning. The flight leaves at 6.30am so we will have to get up at 3.00am!!

  • Heather – Expecting a sunny day, max 21 C.

    OG - I hope your eye doing well.

    Linda – Last minute dramas? I would say your holiday is overdue.  Do have a great time. Relax and enjoy.

    My day yesterday did not improve. I managed to get my car across suburbs for service soon after 9 am. While I wait, I usually walk to library but it doesn’t open until 10 am. Sat knitting in waiting room, trying to ignore vacuous morning TV, then walked 10 mins along main road (traffic, fumes) to library. Oh, barricades! It is being refurbished; a construction site. Workman directed me to relocation, road beside a park, over bridge (dry creek). It is a smaller venue; they have only childrens & fiction. Aaagh! The non-fiction is in storage until next year. I’m sure it was advertised locally in their suburb but not in mine. Back to car waiting room, hoping service would be finished early. Oh no, of course not, half hour later than predicted. Home at last, I had some leftovers for lunch. An hour later I had what my mother called a “pain in the pinny”. Lunch must have been off. Miserable afternoon. Good excuse for a simple salad tea. OH had been out for lunch and wasn’t hungry.

    In Aussieland strawberries have been found with needles hidden in them.  Culprit/s has not been found yet, but thought to be a disgruntled worker. As well there are copycat idiots and false reports. Tonnes of strawberries have been dumped. Some growers & distribution centres are installing metal detectors. To help the growers, many people are now buying extra punnets and cutting up the fruit.

  • Lindy: I hope your cruise is everything that you wish it to be. I'm sending good energy for lovely weather, a safe journey, fond memories, and lots of love and laughter. Have a great time!

    AQ: Dang. I hate it when I walk somewhere only to find the place closed. I bought two novels at the local Goodwill (cheap charity shop) for only a $1 each to avoid walking up the steep hill to the local library. Hope you'll feel 100% soon. I saw THIS PHOTO of the church and the penguins and thought of you. I saw that story about the strawberries on our news. What is wrong with people?

    OG: Sending you healing energy, my friend.

    Get some rest, Annette. I'll be back tomorrow to start the new thread and wish everyone a happy equinox. 

  • Good Morning.  Dry here, after a wet and breezy day yesterday, which included hail at times!

    AQ -  How annoying, having to wait overlong for the car, and also lack of information on library. Hope your tum has now recovered.

    Diane - enjoyed the photos, although I'd seen some of them before. Thank you for your good wishes.

    Off to wash my hair and to pop out to buy something to eat tonight. Hoping for a better day today than yesterday!!

  • Diane - We used to call nuns "penguins", back in the days when they looked like . . .

    I'm feeling better & tackled a few necessary chores, bathroom. kitchen floor.

  • Good morning, ALL.  Fine weather here today and OH is hoping dew will dry off the grass to mow the front this afternoon.  Busy typing for the church newsletter - will need to print early for next weekend as there are events in the church, so printing machine will probably be banished to an inaccessible corner!  OH is currently cleaning the kitchen which was postponed earlier in the week.

    Had a lovely (but too short) visit from Niece, and both her Daughter and Son, as he had been persuaded to do the driving!  Especially good to see Great Niece who had returned two weeks ago from 4 months voluntary work with street-kids in Brasil (she and her brother are half-Brasilian and fluent in Portuguese).  She is now in Glasgow, to study Musical Theatre at the Conservatoire, and was surprised to find out that we have a railway station on a direct route from Glasgow, so we may see more of her - gave her an open invitation for meals at any time.  She does drive, but doesn't have a car up here with her.

    It appears that GD#2 is also starting her course - midwifery - at York this weekend.  Seems she has taken her car with her, but I think she might be parking it with family friends there.  Niece will be seeing our Dau#1 on her way home, so have asked her to remember us to that part of the family - we see Niece more often than Daughter!

    Eye is good to see through, but still quite bruised, so still rationing my computer time!

  • Hello to all -

    LINDY, what a day you had ! Well, at least three things have happened, nothing more can go wrong. Regarding the paint - I used to have the opposite problem. OH used to hammer in the lids so tightly that I had a job to open them, if I wanted to touch up some paintwork. Big chisel always required!

    Have a wonderful holiday xxx

    AQ - What a pest, going all the way to the library, only to find the very section you wanted was not available when you finally reached the temporary place. Hope your tum is fully recovered.

    ANNETTE- what a great holiday you gave your niece. Now it will take you a few days to chill!

    OG - you obviously enjoyed the family visit - good that you may see more of them in future. I'm sure that your granddaughter will enjoy doing her midwifery degree. I'm not a trained midwife but did work as a nurse in a midwife led unit, many years ago. Mostly, it is a happy and fulfilling profession.

    A mostly dry day here today. I walked to Tesco to get bread for melba toast tomorrow. I'll make that and the smoked salmon pate tomorrow morning, before the family arrive. There will be eleven of us for a late Sunday lunch. Roast beef. Eldest daughter is making a raspberry pavlova and bringing cheeses. Granddaughter Amy is baking lemon drizzle cakes and youngest family are bringing all the vegetables and some wine.

    AQ/DIANE - yes, I heard about the needles in strawberries. How sick and stupid some people can be. I'm sure that I heard on radio that some shops in ? Queensland have stopped selling needles?

    Regards to all.

  • Morning all:  Well, what a difference a day makes.  Did practically nothing yesterday. Was quite sad after I waved niece goodbye, but she arrived safe at the hotel in NY and is off doing museums, etc., today.  It really does help that we can text/chat on WhatsApp (for free, which is good when she is travelling and has access to wifi). Spoke to sister in the UK yesterday too to reassure her all going well.

    Lindybird: Geez.  I wouldn't blame you if you didn't come back from your cruise!!  Way too many mini-crises of late at your house!    This is the same cruise line that canceled your already-booked trip, right?  Sounds like it's been a hassle this time too....   I'll probably miss you later, so have a super time. When will  you be back?  Oh and cute pix of the Superkids!  :-)  Tomasz is tall for his age right?   Where is AC off to next?  How is she reacting to everyone leaving town after she's arrived? Got the hint, do you think or is that too much to hope for?

    AQ:  Non-fiction books stored until next year!!??!!??  That would rank as a major crisis here.  How far is the next library?  Can you order things online from network libraries and have them delivered to this one?  There's always Amazon of course....   And Diane reminds us that charity shops have books too. We have something here called the Little Free Library, which is a sort of large birdhouse on a stand that people put up in their front yards by the sidewalk, so neighbors out for walks can stop and browse/borrow and also add their own discards.  Glad your tummy is better - but now you can't even enjoy strawberries and cream for tea.  :-(    Our old-style nuns were never as amusing as the penguins.

    WendyB:  Sounds like both those dogs need the muzzle-type contraptions.  

    Diane: Niece says flight was fine 'til they got over eastern Kansas, then it was food trolleys stashed and everyone in their seats for a bumpy ride.  Still, she isn't fazed by that sort of thing.  Love the photo of the penguins en route to church.  And the bird with the contrail plus the critter having a giggle amidst the flowers :-).  Thank you for starting the new thread.  I will pick up the baton next week and give you a rest..

    OG: Sounds like a nice catch-up with various generations of  nieces.  I always like to hear what young people are doing at that stage of their lives.  

    Heather: A late Sunday lunch you say?  I could make it there if I leave right now!  With Raspberry Pavlova yet!  Be still my heart!  My sister made a strawberry one years and years ago when I went to the UK with granddaughter and I still have a vivid image of it.   My niece has been following Brexit progress (or lack thereof) and very dismayed at the whole situation.  Meanwhile, we have our own  elephant rampaging across the airwaves. Speaking of whom, niece had an inflatable balloon (a smaller version of a diapered Prez that was flown when he was in the UK) delivered to me this week.  I'm trying to figure out an optimal time to have it inflated.... Maybe I'll ride with it in the back seat of my car just prior to election day, though wouldn't want to distract other drivers and cause an accident). :-)

    I have a desk piled with old mail, bills to reconcile, etc., etc., so must get started on that. Not to mention the garden, which actually isn't too bad, although the roses need deadheading. We are keeping an eye on our friend's ailing husband while she is off on a quick trip, so we're picking up some take-out and going to their house later today.

    Take care all.

  • Lindy- I hope you have a fabulous time!

  • OG - I'm so glad your eye is doing well.

  • Lindy,    I  hope I am not too late to wish you an interesting and relaxing holiday.

    Regards to all.

  • Annette -  AC is off to frighten the populace of Scotland on Wednesday (lock your doors!). Yes, we rebooked with the same company, as they did offer a small amount on our expense account, plus they were sailing on the route we wanted, although it's been modified since. We will probably never use them again, afterwards, nor the Travel agents we used. It's 12 days so you will all have to enjoy the peace and quiet on here, without me.

    Tomasz is small for his age, he's 8 in December. But Amber is big for her age: she looks about 6 but is only just 4. Matthew looks much younger next to her although he's only 8 weeks younger.

    It's been a busy day, I left putting everything into the cases until today, although I had assembled everything. At least, I thought I had!

    Me:  "I don't remember seeing your best shoes, where are they?"

    My OH: "I polished them, then put them back in the wardrobe"

    Me: "Why, when if they're not out, they don't get packed!!"

    Off I go to put them into the neat space left in the case for my toiletries bag.....  his size 12s are very big!  Now its all squashed....

    Bonnie had a good day, carried another dead rabbit around this morning, and found a lively Labrador waiting to play with her this evening when dropped off at sis in laws (Other sis in law).

    Thanks for all your good wishes. I'll come back with stories and photos. And I'll finish off the Flower Show ones!!