Summary of Satellite Tracked Ospreys - 2013/14 - 'Where are they now?'

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Summary of Satellite Tracked Ospreys - 2013/14 - 'Where are they now?'

  • Sat Track ospreys 2013-14.xlsx

    Here is the new Summary of Satellite Tracked Ospreys, for the new season, this is the second such thread.

    We have five new juveniles so far, two from LG and Bassenthwaite and one from Loch of the Lowes. By coincidence this year, I saw the Bassenthwaite ones last week and the LotL female chick this morning, she did not put in an appearance this afternoon while I was watching. Tomorrow I will do the same visit to  LG.

    All the young ones are still at or near their natal nests. Rutland and Dyfi are not sat-tagging this year. Roy Dennis has yet to announce his satellite tagged juveniles.

  • Thanks, JSB.  Oighrig may well have gone from LG.

  • Claire: I shall be watching out for Oighrig tomorrow, but reading the threads I see that he has probably gone. I was told that at Lotl, Lady did her usual circular flight pattern above the loch, rising higher and higher. But interestingly Blue YZ accompanied her, as I was told by one of the volunteers, she got up to quite a height and then came back down. That was the last they saw of Lady this year.

  • That must have been a lovely sight, JSB.

  • Sat Track ospreys 2013-14.xlsx

    I visited LG twice today and had the chance to chat to most of the staff/volunteers and I met Richard on the path to the hide. Here are some notes that I jotted down, as the new blog was being written in the morning and later some more news as the afternoon passed by.

    Blue XD has been sat-tagged about one month ago by  RD, (unofficial, but true).

    Oighrig has left LG reached Loch Leven 5pm yesterday. He left Tuesday. Now probably south of Edinburgh possibly in England. Last seen LG Tuesday 20th, then E of Pitlochry 5pm Tuesday, 5 pm Wednesday near Loch Leven.

    Odin has not been seen since late Wednesday, so Breagh has had no fish from him today. That was at 4.30pm  and I see from the threads on here that, there is still no sign of Odin. So what must the boy do. At about 3.15, he must have seen another osprey and became very agitated, soliciting for food, was it Odin?, we could not see, as the sight line from the hide was blocked by the trees and the distance was well beyond the nest structure, which Breagh was calling from. Despite this event, in all probability, one would think that Odin has left, so the only significant doubt is that, his track record would indicate that he would conceal himself until Breagh had gone. The next couple of days will solve this riddle, I think.

    The spreadsheet now shows, Oighrig's start on migration, very good luck to him. He seems to be fishing already, which is a good start. As I said above he reached the west of Loch Leven yesterday. Also Caledonia is stilll enyoying Seville.

    I have just read on HFfW the both Blue XD and Yellow HA have joined the party this year with fancy new GPS/GSM kit, so they are the first 'phone home' ospreys in the UK. This equipment gives very accurate, almost live communication, with a lot more data points, more frequently than once every two hours. Also Tim at RW is involved with RD on a project involving this type of equipment.

    We are now up to seven sat-tagged ospreys for this season.

    Please read Roy's website and you will see that he is asking for donors to come forward. I intend to give a modest sum, for all the insight he provides on the subject of ospreys and their migrations.

  • Thank you for the latest tag news JSB. It will be interesting to follow two more experienced birds in their migration, in Blue XD and Yellow HA, both males I believe.  Perhaps they would have a word with Odin and tell him to get back here on time next year.

  • SheilaFE: Yes males, I have a new 'sex' column on the spreadsheet, as well as ring numbers. I asked Richard for his comments, but he said, 'I am sure it is OK', he was very busy rushing to fill in at the centre over the lunch break.

  • Thank YOU Jsb for the new spread sheet.  

  • No visit to LG today, Findhorn Bay just a seal, no fishing osprey in the morning, in the afternoon Raptor Valley, west of Tomatin, mountain hares and a few red deer on the tops, one possible raptor at great height. Hmmmmmmm! Well the exercise probably did me some good.

    Popping in to LG tomorrow, then a longer stay at LotL.

  • Breagha left on Friday morning, so with a download, due today we should know quite soon where has gone.

  • thanks for the heads up jsb

  • Breagh two fixes today on GE shows him at North Fife near Wormit yesterday evening (opposite Dundee) and Oighrig on the same day made a flight of about 700 Km from the middle of the Irish Sea to just south of Cherbourg in one day, a great distance for an inexperienced juvenile.

    Detailed update and spreadsheet, when time permits. I am still on holiday in Fife, at Dalgety Bay, 45 Km from Breagh's last fix and 5Km from Oighrig's crossing of the Firth of Forth, on the other side of the Forth Bridges from here.

  • Thanks, JSB.  I do hope Breagh sticks to the east coast - I wouldn't mind seeing him carry on in Tore's and Caledonia's footsteps and fly over the Suffolk coast!  It's good to know the boys are doing nicely.

  • Sat Track ospreys 2013-14.xlsx

    Here is the update of Breagh and Oighrig as well as Caledonia, on the new spreadsheet. It is available on the link below to the datasite in due course from ChloeB.

    The new blog yesterday gives the maps without needing to go into GE.

  • Sending with limited access from hotel at Kirkby Lonsdale, laptop balanced on bar, best signal with limited access.

    News from Bassenthwaite, LDOP, both white 14 and 15 are at natal site. LDOP advise that sat-tracking will be followed upon migration via the Home Page, with a menu choice or something to click on.