Satellite Tracked Ospreys (non-LG) Oct 2014 -

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Satellite Tracked Ospreys (non-LG) Oct 2014 -

  • This topic replaces Satellite Tracked Ospreys (non-LG) Aug 2012-Sep 2014

    The scope - following the travels of tracked ospreys "not from Loch Garten", either originating in the UK or overseas.  

    Can I ask for some help in starting off the thread. If you are the first person to post about a bird in the restarted thread, can you please give the name of the project which is tracking it, and supply a link to the project website.

    Many thanks - Sue  

  • An update from Roy Dennis, Highland Foundation for Wildlife

    Rothiemurchus, the last of the UK-based adults still on migration, heads into the Sahara on the 28th Sept. 


  • Thank you SUE He is probably back at his usual site by now

  • Hopefully he as got to his little quiet neck of the woods.  

  • Update from Aberfoyle,, on Lonaig - still in Portugal.

  • Finnish Museum of Natural History

    Latest on Ilpo , now in Algeria:

    Looks like a nice spot near a river:

  • jaydee

    Update from Aberfoyle,, on Lonaig - still in Portugal.

    Regarding Lonaig's stopover at the Ria de Aveiro. I have found this gem on Youtube, featuring the birds of the Ria. 

    It's well worth sampling other videos of the Ria by "bacelarvet" - he's a talented film maker.  

    PS I have now set up a separate thread, to discuss this video and the birds featured on it, here 

  • Sad news. It looks as if C2 is no more.  See  C2 adrift at sea

    This is one of the very best satellite tracking blogs on the internet. 

  • I agree with you there Tiger. Simple, straightforward and easy to read.

  • Terrible news Tiger - so near and yet so far.   Just awful.   They must be gutted after their joy at their first concerns

  • Sue Thanks for the news of Rothiemurchus. He seems to have had an extended holiday! Thanks

  • Update on Kielder 7H and UV still both on stopovers. 

  • Finnish osprey Jaska stopping over in Moldova:

  • HUMBOLT (YELLOW PC) - One of the tagged translocated ospreys to Urdaibai has settled at last update in South East Senegal at The Niokolokoba National Park. It took 16 days to travel from Urdaibi to this point a very good record for a juvenile first migrating.

    He was originally from a nest in Nairn.

    I had to translate (English translated site is behind the Spanish site) so hopefully can update on the other four translocations to Urdaibai over the weekend once home from my present assignment.


  • It appears that MALASPINA (YELLOW PA) may have succumbed to the ordeal in crossing the great wilderness of the Sahara Desert.

    The satellite informs us that she has not moved from one point in the middle of the Sahara since 11 September.

    MALASPINA is a female translocated from Forres to The Urdaibai Project..

    What is incredible is Malaspina last altitude at 1600 on 11 September before the stationary signal was of  3873 meters an altitude not heard of much in osprey flight. They normally cross the desert at around just over 1000 meters.

    This detail could indicate that she took up to try to avoid a sandstorm but unfortunately lost her life in the attempt.