Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys


  • I couldn't find an April thread surprisingly after all the action last night so here it is - CAM is BACK!

    Edit: Took me a while to remember how to put link on end of previous thread!

    Does anyone know if Laddie has managed a welcoming gift of a fish yet???

  • I didn't get the cam back until just now, but MOFFER posted that it was back up @ 09:14 so it looks as tho I woke up just in time - set the refresher to 5-minutely and was suddenly blasted by this new (young?) lady shouting her head off.

    I expect HQ will be comparing her with other LOTL ospreys on their records, I wonder if she's totally new to the area?

  • Thanks Birdsong.    No idea about fish with cam being down but she is still sitting there.  

    She really is a bonnie wee lassie 

    (c) Loch of the Lowes webcam

  • Thanks for starting the April Page, Birdsong. Hoping that LotL will have more news about this lovely osprey.

  • Lassie still hoping for a fish but decides to get on with nest cupping

    (c) Scottish Wildlife Trust     Loch of the Lowes Osprey webcam

  • I see that I got my cam back up @ 0905 and a minute or so later Laddie came in with nest material - not a fish, despite her calling for one.  Then I did something to the laptop and sound stopped recording, am working on it :-/

    40 seconds of the new female shouting and Laddie nestorising:

  • She's very quiet now!

  • birdsong
    Lassie still hoping for a fish

    Glad you've taken the plunge, BIRDSONG, and I can't think that anyone would object or could find a better name in the circs :-)

  • She stayed sitting down for that one!

    EDIT - No she didn't, my bad.

  •  Mating.

  • Thanks Moffer. I do think it is time he brought her a fish though.

  • Me too Brenda. My pics won't appear. Don't know why.

  • My pics won't appear and my posts keep going missing. Is it just me?

  • Let's try one (can't get one with unfuzzy wings, unfortunately, but I'm not complaining!!!).

    Here's the video - got sound back, phew!

  • I can't think why your pics are posting as links, MOFFER, but they open if clicked on :-/