Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys


  •  Monty 

    The Dyfi male osprey is called Monty, or Maldwyn in Welsh, after Montgomeryshire. Monty is quite unusual for a male osprey, he has two very unique features. He has relatively dark chest plumage and quite dark under-wing feathering, features usually associated with females. He also has very dark, orange eyes - usually adult ospreys have yellow eyes. 
    We're not sure where Monty is from, but there is a strong possibility that he's the offspring from the first osprey pair to successfully breed in Wales (in modern times) near Welshpool in 2004. The single male chick from this nest could not be ringed at the time as the nest was too high, so it would make sense that Monty might from this nest as he is also un-ringed.
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  • Hi Limpy, great idea starting this thread.

    I am looking at some older photos of Monty so I'll start with 2013.

    April 2013 - This is an arty one of Monty and one of the females trying to win his heart.

    EDIT: This female is Seren (Welsh for "Star") (Please, correct me if I'm wrong.)

    June 2013 - Classic ones of Monty's eyes

    June 2013 - Monty incubating on a warm day

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  • This is Monty's arrival on 8th April 2014 at 13:13. Dai Dot is on the nest when Monty makes his grand entrance and sends him packing.

  • OK, I've been through lots of captures from the last three years of Dyfi and I have a selection of suitable Monty snaps!

    Here we go:

    A fish and three quarters for Clarach and Cerist at the beginning of September 2013

    Sunning himself a few days later

    Getting happily stuck into incubation, 2014

    Sitting proudly over Gwynant and Deri

    He waited for hours with this fish the day after Deri migrated last year - what a dad!

    Post-bath pose the day before he migrated last year

    Losing no time in strengthening the pair bond with Glesni the day she arrived this year

    An attempt at an incubating garden doesn't quite go to plan

    You will let me have a turn on the eggs!

    Finally, he gets to feed one of his young this year.

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  • Superb CLARE

  • A windy day at Dyfi Monty hangs on

  • What a lovely thread!  Thanks, All!

  • I managed to get this one of Monty about to fly from the nest earlier today:

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  • He is a handsome osprey, and of course, a famous TV star!!
  • He has also found time to encourage his paternal instincts today:

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  • Monty on 18 May 2013 @ 0730 hrs

    Monty 10 April 2013

    Monty with fish 07.5.13 @ 0700 hrs


  • Monty has been posing very nicely for us today:

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  • Lovely captures of the gorgeous Monty, thank you for sharing.