Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 18 June 2017

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 18 June 2017


    The solstice is on Wednesday.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

    There's a white-tailed deer fawn like this one on my patch. Her mother takes her across to the creek for a drink of water every day at dawn.

    White-Tailed Deer Fawn
    Sand Lake National Wildlife Refuge, South Dakota (USA)
    U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Photo
    Photo labeled "Public Domain" (copyright free)

  • Annette: The Summer Solstice is Tuesday night for you. I hope you are having a great time with your visiting family! I also hope you're being spared the record-breaking heat that is occurring in much of the west. Phew...

    Lindy: I hope you're enjoying your time with family, too.

    Pat O: I hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday and have a safe journey.

    OG: Yay! So glad that your recovery is progressing well and you're able to make it back to church. I know that's important to you.

    Heather: I think of you often and I'm continuing to send you strength.

    Lynette: I hope you're able to get around better and have less pain.

    Harelady: I'm so very sorry about your daughter's illness. My thoughts are with you both during this very stressful time.

    Hello to AQ, dibnlib, bjane, Clare, Limpy, DJoanS, and everyone.

  • I forgot to post on here that I've had to remove two Gray Tree Frogs from inside my house! I was not amused. I revere all of Earth's creatures, but I'm not entirely comfortable with frogs. Moreover, this species has very poisonous secretions on their skin and one site said they can bite. I'm too old to be jumping around trying to catch frogs for eviction -- especially when I'm not all that enthusiastic about getting close to them, anyway. LOL But I caught each of them in a plastic container and released them near a big tree outdoors.

    The one was fairly large. The smaller fella came right to me. He was sitting right beside me -- looking up at me with a hopeful expression -- when I noticed him! I think he felt betrayed when I put him in the container for transport back out to the woods. LOL!

    I also got up one morning to find a 4-inch-wide spider on the wall by my desk. I've spent a lot of time in the woods, but I've never seen such a large spider here in Indiana. I've searched all the websites, and I've finally concluded that he was a species of Fishing Spider. Yup, that's a real thing. I don't know what he thought he was hunting in my house. He also got a free ride in the plastic container back out to the wild. LOL

    I'm starting to feel like this is the beginning of a Biblical plague. I'm hoping the locusts don't show up next. LOL!

    Take care, all.

  • Quick update my Daughter has been transferred to a London Cancer hospital and is being g subjected to a battery of tests. She started chemo Friday night and this will be tweaked as they get more results. London was very hot yesterday and is set to be better today with weather warnings issued. I'm staying with friends in Godalming for next few days. Thank you all for the kind comments and please keep the prayers and healing thoughts going her way.

  • Evening all:

    Harelady: Thank you for finding the time to update us.  Are you having to drive into London each day or are you taking the train?  Great that you have friends to stay with for the present, but I imagine things will be quite unsettled in the short term. I forgot where you live. Is someone able to keep an eye on your house in the meantime and how far is the rest of the family from London?  Do hope you're getting lots of support and that the medical people are communicating well.

    Diane: Thanks for starting us off. What lovely visitors you have in your garden, though I don't envy you the encounter with the spider - or the frogs for that matter. Wasn't too hot right on the coast today - foggy this morning,  but very humid along the beach and more comfortable once the sun came out properly.  

    OG: I'm sure you'll find you've been missed at church.  Smiled to think that J will be keeping an eye on you, so no knees-up in the aisles please!  :-)

    Knackered again this evening. We went off today to the beach where we rented a surrey (pedal-propelled four-wheeled contraption with fabric roof) and tootled along the bike lane from the pier to the bird refuge and back. Lots of fun, but took some effort (granddaughter and I providing the power), then a walk down the pier for ice cream, then a sit (me) on the beach while the kids played in the water.  Home for BBQ, more ice cream with fresh peaches - yum!  All off to bed now. They're going to visit grandson for the day tomorrow. I'm planning to lay in a dark room with a damp cloth over my eyes!  Not really, but...

  • Good Morning, All.  Thank you again to Diane for starting us off, and with such a pretty picture.

    It's been a hot night here, and another very warm day predicted again here: I'm still in bed, with a cup of tea, but I can hear excited shrieks from Amber as she plays with Bonnie downstairs.

    No time to write at the moment, except to say I hope OG can manage her church visit today. More from me, later.

  • ANNETTE- Surrey with a fringe on top?

  • HARELADY - you must be feeling thankful that your daughter is in a specialist unit but still dreadfully worried. I'm sending you strengthening thoughts, hope that they make it through cyberspace xx

  • Thanks, DIANE. I need the thoughts. Six months by date, today. Sunday 18 th December. Had to stop listening to music esp Kathleen Ferrier singing 'What is life?'. Fortunately youngest family will pay a visit, later today. They will be visiting son in law's dad, for Fathers Day. So smiles will be pasted on :-)

  • DIANE   

  • DIANE   You certainly have plenty of wildlife where you are. My favourite of course it the fawn. Thanks for the pic.

  • We thoroughly enjoyed "La Boheme" at Eden Court yesterday, and the meal we had at "Riva " with friends beforehand.

    A lovely warm morning and a walk with Benson at Dochgarroch before coffee at Tiso.

  • Got to church this morning - a lovely welcome, but very tiring as everyone and his wife wanted to speak to me!  A very good preacher  - his theme was The Good Shepherd but never felt like I'd heard it all before.

    Lovely weather continues.  Wind had dropped but a breeze again now - good thing, otherwise the heat would be unbearable.

  • Well, it has been a funny old day here. I've been happy and sad in turn. I'm on Facebook and have seen some posts for Fathers Day that in times past would have made me cringe. I have now made the decision to appreciate the sentiment that lies behind these posts, rather than show my disapproval by ignoring them. I feel that I have been very arrogant in the past by acting in that way. Not a label that I would want to be attached to me.

  • Our family left this afternoon, in thankfully,  a car with air con - they were travelling towards the heat as although it's sweltering here, it's even warmer to the south of us.

    We've all had a wonderful weekend, culminating in playing with Amber in the garden, with a bubble maker which she loved. She and Bonnie got on famously, as Amber shows no fear and Bonnie is very patient with her.

    Heather - I agree that when online you do see some strange ideas of how to celebrate these sorts of days. You just have to shrug and realise that everyone is not the same, as you say.

    OG -  So pleased that you made it to church at last. I hope you'll continue to take small steps at a time, in more ways than one!