DAILY UPDATE ~ Loch Garten Nest ~ Thursday, 6 July 2017

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

DAILY UPDATE ~ Loch Garten Nest ~ Thursday, 6 July 2017

  • First things first: the LG IT team, prompted by our "local hero" Mike the Bloke, found a solution to the appearing/disappearing picture problem that had plagued the forum. Good thing, too, because then the forum proceeded to have an 18 page day! This includes MaryGK's really great report on her visit to the LG VC where she gives a full accounting of all the happenings and information at the center.

    An unringed male came to call often on EJ today, one first thing in the morning. Here is a shot showing the top of his head (by scylla) then in a skydance (BNN's video), then as a faux? mating (distant video by CC), then (I think the same male) to tempt her with a fish. But then he never gave it to her (CC's video). Whether he meant to do this to be coy, or her rush to grab it from him frightened him we don't know. But she finally began calling for fish today (CC's video), at first tentatively, and then in definite seriousness. So it is possible the first was MU and the second one PU, but we now must suss it out who is who.

    The day ended with more of the same, with a twist: two unringed males land on the nest (BNN's uncut video). It means regardless of who the previous males were, there are definitely two different unringed in this scenario. The first arrives sans fish but a big crop, and the second arrives with what looks to be a nice whole fish, but leaves just as EJ arrives to fetch it.

    Unringed Male #1 in the blur of evening light (by BNN):

    Unringed Male #2 (Moffer's from BNN's video):

    That is the intrigue at this point, yet to be unraveled! In the meantime, we had beautiful views of EJ preening on the camera tree (by Moffer) after her unsuccessful fishing adventure at Rothiemurchus in the morning, courtesy of Val Gall by way of Moffer here and here. © 2017 Val Gall
    Of course, EJ also went fishing at Aviemore and left without fish from there as well. Surprising given our girl's usual prowess.

    In addition, too many amazing snaps of EJ than can be linked here can be found throughout the thread by Limpy, BNN, Sheila, Moffer. It was an action-packed day that could not have been handled by just one pair of eyes. Everyone's observations and captures were crucial.

    So given the whole of today's story, the meaning of course is that it looks like EJ didn't have a meal today. Let us hope she pulls up a whopper tomorrow morning, or that one of those boys gets smart enough to fetch what she spent today asking for.

  • Okay, so here is the unringed guy who hung out so companiably with EJ yesterday. I call him Unringed 1 (or as Clare said "X marks the spot.")


  • Here's the first guy that arrived with no fish (from the video). He left just before EJ arrived but she didn't seem hostile.

  • And here's the guy with fish (from Moffer's capture) and there's only one cos he left in a hurry. EJ didn't seem to want him around at all.

  • Here's who we think is MU from yesterday morning. Is it possible we have THREE or FOUR unringed male ospreys eyeing EJ and/or her nest? Gotta trawl back through some snaps of PU and MU...

  • Thank you very much for trying to sort out our UUMs (Unknown Unringed Males), CC :)

    Good morning, I'm kinda here and hope to stay for a while.

  • DAYCAM 0408hr

  • Coffee time.

  • Raining.

  • Hiya scylla. :-*
    I'm hoping you are feeling a little better? Have you been ill or is it the heat still?

    It's plop plop buzz buzz plop plop.

  • I am just checking in before I head off to beddybye. I tried to go back and look at older snaps, but there are just not enough shots that can be compared. If we had a lineup and had their fronts, profiles and backs with underwings, etc. then we'd have something. But all I can say at this point is that EJ seems to be open to suggestion at this point of "dating" and doesn't really have to decide until next season.

    Also, one thought I had was that she may be trying to calculate whether they want HER or her NEST. And I think she is trying to make it clear that the only way to the nest is that it's by showing commitment to her first.

  • Good night scylla and all who come after.

  • Goodnight, CC.  I haven't been "ill" other than faintish and nauseated due to heat.

    Sorry not to have responded to you. I've been doing a video of an uringed male's faux mating yesterday, I took off the interference and cropped the mating bit to see EJ's reaction - did she raise her tail towards the end?

    It's the whole episode until EJ flew from the nest.


  • Good Morning Scylla if you are still around, and to all who follow.

    Wonderful round up of yesterday CC, it is so handy to get the day in a nutshell so to speak, as sometimes when there are so many Unringeds flying around it's hard to keep up.

    Well as you have already stated it's raining, it's a dreich day to say the least, and if it doesn't stop my plans for today will have to be changed to something else.   All I am thinking though is if EJ didn't eat yesterday it's not the best of fishing weather today.    So let's hope it either stops raining or she gets lucky at the Rothiemurchus or Aviemore fish places. 

    Scylla I do hope you are feeling a bit better today. 

  • Scylla I think there was a bit of a raise of the tail -)