Loch Garten Nest 2017 *Observations Thread*

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten Nest 2017 *Observations Thread*

  • This is the beginning of a running thread of the off-season LG Nest Observation Thread until EJ's return next Spring. She may be on holiday or perhaps she is taking a leisurely route with long layovers, investigating nearby territories. God speed her to her wintering grounds and back to our eyes in 2018. With a bit of luck and good timing, EJ the Wise and Magnificent could oust the youngsters CT6 and apparent beau Twiggy from taking over her property.

    Please post any notable observations here in the off-season. For more of this season's information on this nest, please see BNN's DU Summaries for 2017.

    Photos of EJ fishing on July 14th (last day she was seen) at Aviemore Lochan, posted on FB by Dave Joicey, perhaps taken by Lynne Joicey.

  • Thanks for the new thread, CC.  All fingers are crossed for the return of our beloved EJ and with luck, her sweetheart, Odin, in 2018.  And if one or both do not return, then fingers crossed for a peaceful and successful season for whichever Ospreys take on the LG nest (still hoping the female will be EJ!)

  • Thank you CC, and what a lovely start to the countdown to the end of the season. Lynne/Dave's photos of EJ taken at the Aviemore Lochan are a poignant reminder of this year.

  • CC, thank you so much for starting this off-season thread, and what great images of our gorgeous girl to illustrate your opening post.

    EJ, wherever you are, stay safe, we'll be waiting for your grand  arrival in 2018.

  • Thank you, CC :-*

    The cam froze @ about 0020hr and when I eventually manually refreshed I got this:

    It's back up now tho. 

    SYAL :)

  • Good morning MC although I suspect you may be resting.

    Thank you CC for starting this thread and in such a lovely way.

    That final capture of EJ,flying head on, Darvic showing, must surely be a classic. (Click on it to enlarge)

  • Nest currently empty.

  • Thank You CC for opening this thread, the content of your post brought a lump to my throat and some tears, those photos taken of EJ at Aviemore Lochan on the last day we seen her just summed up our girl to a T, picking what was probably the biggest whopper from the lochan. 

    I am probably wishing my life away but I just cannot wait until next March to see her land on her nest.   

    I somehow think its going to be a long winter.    

    These ospreys put us through the ringer every season, we cannot help but love them so much, they are an addiction for sure.

  • A big thank you from me too for all the hours of work that have been put in to record all the events on the LG nest this year. You know who you are, so give yourselves a huge pat on the back  and a nice long rest, until you do it all again next year!  Let's hope EJ returns safely but maybe it's the natural time for a new era. We wait in anticipation!

  • .... and some in trepidation Pam!

  • As a Newbie with my first post after 3 years Observations let me say Hi to everyone Thank you CC I Will try to contribute more next year Thank you all
  • Good morning everyone and welcome to the group Trevor :)

    The nest has been empty since I started watching, not even the chaffinch colony have shown up.

  • Scraped the barrel overnight ;)

    DAYCAM 0455hr

    The chaffinches were here a minute ago but this was all I got early-morning:

  • Hi MC.

  • trevor
    Will try to contribute more next year

    I look forward to seeing you :)