LOCH GARTEN OSPREY GABFEST for Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec, 2017

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

LOCH GARTEN OSPREY GABFEST for Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec, 2017


    I'll let some of my favorite cartoon characters transition us from summer to autumn and into the Thanksgiving and Christmas  seasons.

    As the 2017 osprey  Season  closes at Loch Garten, I am wishing for a better one come 2018.


  • Agree completely, June.  Thanks for the new thread.

  •  From Facebook

  • She's his ace in the hole.

  • Today is the last day the centre will be open this year. Winter is coming.      From FaceBook

  •  Facebook said there is an owl on the Manton Bay nest at the moment (posted 45 minutes ago)>  So I came to see if he is still there. This does not look like an owl to me.  Seems they have switched occupants.

  • June, Definitely not an Owl but a Cormorant!


    We are now starting to see a pattern of migration from the satellite tagged 2017 Ospreys. I have been away on a trip for two to three weeks and now home so catching up and hope to see a few still up in Scotland before they depart.

    I think there was 9 known ospreys to have been tagged this year from UK not accounting for the Poole ospreys and other nests where tagging took place but not publically announced.

    At Kielder 2 - Blue 7L (ALN) as I understand is still around the nest.

    At Kielder 4 - Blue 9L (ARCHER)is making good progress where Joanne has reported a few hours ago is on the West Coast of Portugal. Flew from Cornwall to Spain across the bay of Biscay.

    Aberfoyle LH0 (Clarach's Chick) - Migrated Sunday and yesterday was around Maybole Ayrshire.

    Aberfoyle LH1 - Probably will be around the nest for a few days yet.

    Caerlaverock reported all chicks still around the nest - PY5 PY6 and PY7 think all tagged.

    Tweed Valley PY1 - Northern Spain near the Portuguese Border at 3 September another big flight across the Bay of Biscay.

    Tweed Valley PY2 - NW of Lausanne in Switzerland after crossing the north sea directly east to Germany.

    Poole translocation I understand were only wing tagged with short range transmitters to monitor them in the local area. To date it appears 4 of the 8 translocated birds may have left our shores - LS7 -LS1-LS4 and LS5. We wish the same success to Poole as that of Rutland.

    Sorry if I have missed a 2017 chick - will update older birds later.

    To all the birds on migration

    Haste ye back, we loo you dearly

    Call again, you're welcome here.

    May your days be free from sorrow,

    And your friends be ever near.

    May the path on which you wander

    Be to you a joy each day.

    Haste ye back, we loo you dearly

    Haste ye back on friendship's way.

    And if you prefer these words in song by Andy Stewart click here.


  • Good evening all.Thankyou for the summary Keith. Could be very interesting to see what happens next year at Poole exciting times ahead I think.

    Lonely and desolate on the Loch Garten nest overgrown with grass and just very sad! But not long at all till they are reclaimed the seasons pass so quickly. It will be interesting to see what happens next year.Who will be the occupants at LG. I think and hope EJ returns and maybe a new regime. If she returns she may struggle to keep her nest as she was constantly harrassed this year after Odin vanished.

    Good luck to all the migrating ospreys and hope they have a safe journey

  • 58willow - I think the years ahead at Poole will be exciting and interesting just as Rutland has been for 21 years. There will be ups and downs.

    Rutland first translocated 8 chicks in 1996 but 4 of these died of salmonella in the holding pens before they fledged so only 4 migrated that first year. One of these was killed in Senegal and potentially one may have been sighted back in Scotland.

    Well after not so good a start at Rutland we can say 1997 and 1998 translocation turned the osprey world around at Rutland and in Wales.

    1997 another 8 translocated and 08/97 was the first translocated osprey to return home on 29 May 1999. He did not breed until he was 10 years old. In 2007 he raised 2 chicks at the Manton Bay Nest before moving house. Sadly he went AWOL in 2011 near his nesting territory presumed to have been killed.

    That same year 03/97 translocated also returned to Rutland (Nest B) arriving shortly after 08/97 in June 1999 and started such a big dynasty.

    That same translocation saw 07(97) return to Wales at Welshpool with successful breeding of one chick in 2004 who some believe is Monty. He may have been in central Wales since 1999 also nest building and looking for a female.

    1998 translocation saw 11/98 or known as Orange 11 who returned to Wales at Glaslynn breeding for many years and starting a big dynasty there. 12 in total translocated 1998 of which 3 went on to breed including 11/98.

    It took from 1996 to 2001 to see the first translocated osprey to successfully breed 03/97 with an un ringed female at Nest B

    In realistic terms I would be delighted to see a translocated osprey returning to Poole after 2 years if sighted and breeding within 5 years would be a huge success from a translocated osprey. (A breeding pair before the end of the translocation project)and hopefully another 03/97 to be King of Poole.

    YES EXCITING TIMES AHEAD - THEY NEED THE GENDER CORRECT - It got a bit unbalanced at Rutland and required an extra special translocation of females in 2005 - 4 years after the initial translocations finished.

    Urdaibi Translocation in Spain has the same problem all males returning joining The Lonely Hearts Club. A few lonely hearts in Wales should join them.

  • I don't think the extra special translocation of females made much difference at Rutland in 2005. I never heard of any of them after they departed. 11 Birds Translocated but included 2 Males.

    Two of them translocated at a later date were orphans (1 Male/1Female)of our friend and EJs friend Orange VS who resided for a while at Loch Garten. The breeding female disappeared in July 2005 before the chicks fledged.

  • Good evening all.Sounds like a rocky road ahead with this project but ultimately will be worth it if it becomes as successful as the Rutland project which has benefited the Welsh population as well. In time I hope this will be the case. I did not feel happy about young chicks being taken from nests. It must be for the greater good as someone pointed out earlier.

  • I believe our dear B24 had been bonding with a Scottish male who has migrated. Hoping for a better year next year for her. Gender balance would always be difficult if the males return to their natal sites and females move away generally?? Was this B24 problem. I wonder if Dai Dots was seen again. There was a blog mentioning he could have been spotted and he did indeed look very much like him!  Oh I do hope so ☺

  • Well OH and I have been on the first part of the bee keeping course! Lots to learn I thought it would be a breeze!! I was lucky to get the night off. Very interesting and extraordinary creatures to be cherished for the future! Kent very reliant on bees for all the fruit growing. Our patch of weeds is not ours yet as local searches to be done etc! The patch will die down and become a grassy muddy untidy mess. Come the spring all the butterflies and bumble bees will return hopefully.

  • Wonderful information and conversations.  Willow good luck with your bee course and with raising the bees when the time comes.

    Just now I am pre-occupied with the weather.  Very concerned about and praying for 5 friends in southern Florida (and their respective families) who have chosen to stay put in the path of the hurricane Irma.

    Also very unusual possibilities of seeing Northern lights/Heavenly Dancers/Aurora Borealis here tonight.  However now at dusk heavy dark clouds are closing in, but I will keep checking.