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Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Osprey Leadership Foundation

  • Some members may be aware that Dr Tim Mackrill, to give him his full title, has recently set up a Charitable Trust which aims to train and equip future leaders in this field.

    A website will go live in the Spring of 2018 but in the meantime I am posting this, with Tim's permission, in order to flag up the project.

    4846.Osprey Leadership Foundation - Osprey Clubs scheme (1).pdf

  • This extract from an Email to me from Tim may also help......

    "Last year a group from Tanji Lower Basic School organised a beach clean - I wrote a blog about it here www.ospreys.org.uk/tanji-beach-clean. This was something that the school did off their own back because of their increased awareness of environmental issues (as a result of the Osprey project work). In my experience paying people to clean beaches might help in the short-term, but a more sustainable long-term solution lies in educating these communities about the dangers of plastic and other waste, such as discarded fishing nets. Like is so often the case, this is best done in schools.    

    One of the keys aims of the Osprey Leadership Foundation is to establish Osprey Clubs in schools in The Gambia, based on the model we used at Tanji. The attached document gives more details on this. As part of this scheme we will be encouraging schools to take greater care of their local environment, and this could involve beach cleans, like the one at Tanji. We have some funds to start this project but if others were interested in supporting it, then we could perhaps look at ways we could really get the message across regarding plastic pollution - perhaps by developing teaching resources, and helping schools to organise beach cleans. This is a vitally important issue, and one that I think we can help with. "

  • This is great news . Thank you Mike

  • Thanks, Mike, this looks to be an excellent project and I hope everyone will consider giving a donation.  Every little bit will help.

  • Thank you for bring this to the fore, Mike, and starting its own thread.  It will be a wonderful project to follow.  Rutland OP clearly started the embryo of the idea with their Osprey Flyways project and WOW, and Tim and RD have taken it on in its own right.

    I wonder whether RW will continue with the WOW project, or whether this will fall under the umbrella of the new charity.


    I have today received an e-mail from Tim which he has asked me to share on here.


    In June this summer I'm organising a special fundraising Osprey Cruise on the Rutland Belle to celebrate the launch of the charity I've founded, the Osprey Leadership Foundation (which now has registered charity status). It is on Wednesday 20th June from 7-9pm, departing from Whitwell Harbour. 
    During the cruise I'll be talking about the aims and objectives of the charity, while hopefully watching one or two fishing ospreys. There will be a complimentary drink on arrival and a Ploughman’s supper for everyone on board. We'll also be holding a fundraising raffle. 
    We're going to start advertising the event in the next few weeks when our website goes online, but before tickets go on general sale I wondered if you might be interested in coming along?  If you are interested tickets are £40 each and all proceeds go to the charity. 
    If you'd like to purchase tickets please let me know by email and I'll send you further details.  I would also be really grateful if you could please post this on the Osprey forum as an update to your previous post about OLF. If anyone would like to buy tickets for the cruise they can do so by emailing tim@ospreylf.org.  
    Many thanks and best wishes,
  • Thanks, Mike, but sadly we cannot go on this one.  Sounds wonderful, though.  Tim is a good speaker and if I had a choice, I'd love to have him (and/or Roy Dennis!) be the guide on a Rutland Osprey Cruise!

  • I would also love to parcipate but sadly its not to be I expect it will be wonderful and I //hope we get reports Wish OLF all the best Wonderful idea

  • The launch of Tim's project looms large.

  • Thanks MIKE What an exciting thing to be part of I wish them every success

  • This is something I would definitely love to do if I were in England (am in the U.S.).  In the meantime, I'll have a look at the website and make a donation there (if that's possible).  Thanks Mike.

  • Lisa, What State are you in?  Any Ospreys there?

  • Ann, Lisa's profile says NJ which I take to be New Jersey.

  • Hi Ann, am in New Jersey which has had terrific success in bringing back the Osprey from the brink.  A fantastic nest to watch usually is the Forsythe ospreys but their camera stopped working and they are unable to fix it until September when the nesting pair have left on migration. Mainly the ospreys are to be found in Southern NJ, close to the ocean.  A couple of hours from me.  Nice video link on this site:    www.friendsofibsp.org/.../osprey-cam  Also: This is a great NJ organization: www.conservewildlifenj.org/.../osprey.  

  • Thanks, Lisa and Mike, I was so used to finding that posters had not given any profile information that I completely forgot about checking for a profile--just another delightful accompaniment to aging (read 'creeping dementia!')

    Thanks for the links, Lisa.