Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys


  • Continuation from Rutland Osprey Project - 2017

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  • First blog of 2018 from Holly

    Link >>>  Winter Work Parties

  • Latest Education News from Holly 

    Link >>> Education News Letter

    Interesting to read within the newsletter that 2017 was also a record year for the ospreys - 8 pairs raising 15 chicks.

    I wonder how many there will be this year!

  • Thank you for starting this thread off, Karen, and for all the excellent links you have attached.  What will 2018 bring for us this season, I wonder!

  • Thank you Karen. The count down begins!

  • Thanks for the new thread and the links, Karen.  Fingers crossed for the safe return of all of the usual Rutland Birds this year!

  • Hi Sheila, Mike and Gardenbirder -

    Yes, as Mike says, "let the countdown begin".  Only a few weeks to go and they will be taking off.  

    I too wish them all a safe journey home.

  • I am really curious about the 8th pair/nest!

    Reading back, I cannot find any information as to the IDs of the other pair or nest only Holly’s September blog “By the Beach” that includes a video titled “Lagoon 4 Juvenile Osprey” by David Cole showing the juvenile flying around Lagoon 4 and taking a bath.  

    I am now wondering if one of the unattached six males paired up and successfully raised a chick at Lagoon 4.    

    Does anyone know? 

  • I can't check my notes at the moment, but I don't think there was a nesting pair on either Lagoon 4 or Lagoon 1. If I find anything tomorrow, I'll let you know. Back on my hobby horse, but it would be wonderful to have a full round up of nests, pairs and chicks, as they used to a few years ago.

  • Thanks Sheila.  

    Likewise, I didn't think there was a nesting pair at Lagoon 4 but in David's video the juvenile looks so much at home flying around the nest/perch hence me wondering.  

    I had forgotten about Lagoon 1 plus there is also Site B - 03(97)'s nest.   I think 30(10) showed some interest in 2016 but have not seen any updates about Site B.

  • I've just been able to view the vid - I see it says "A short video of one of the juvenile ospreys paying a visit to lagoon 4".  It's a pity RW couldn't read the Darvic!  It's a lovely vid, and one I haven't seen before (I was away in early Sept last year), so thank you for posting the link, Karen.

  • A new thread - Manton Bay - March 2018  has now been set up to record all the day to day activity of the nest thus keeping this thread for general news on all the other birds, nests and projects.

  • Paul has posted some photos showing the scene at Rutland just now!!     


    (c) Rutland - Facebook

     I just hope we see truth in the old saying for March "in like a lion, out like a lamb" !!      

    There must be some weight on the all the nests around the various sites at Rutland.  Hopefully not too much damage but the team is usually well prepared and I am sure they will get everything ship-shape for the forthcoming season.

  • Following the departure of Tim and Kayleigh, there are now two new faces at Rutland .

    Full details in Holly's update " New Faces introducing the new Senior Reserves Officer - Rebecca Pitman and Project Officer - Anya Wicikowshi

  • First blog from Anya

    Link >>>  "A new season"