Foulshaw Moss Ospreys 2018

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Foulshaw Moss Ospreys 2018

  • The Foulshaw webcam is now live.

    Hope the ospreys use this nest this year!

  • Thank you Ringlet, fingers crossed they choose this one.

  • Thank you. Good quality too.

  • It is clear, Mike.  Was it last year that the pair decided to try out another nest?

  • Yes, another nest about 600 meters away. But that won't be a temptation to them this year as it's no longer there. Last year's nesting tree was dead, unsafe, and had to be taken down.

  • That is good news, as long as they don't decide to go elsewhere.

  • Thank you Ringlet, that is reassuring to know.

  • The male White YW is the son of the Bassenthwaite pair, No-Ring and Mrs, who moved nest (at least) twice.  Is it in the genes?

  • What an intriguing idea! I'll mention that to the Foulshaw reserve manager at the next volunteer work party.

  • Live stream down just now - update

  • The live stream has been up again for a couple of days. Hoping for ospreys....

  • The value of Twitter!

    Osprey seen (not by me) a few minutes ago on the Foulshaw nest.

  • Brilliant news - thanks Ringlet.

    I can't see any ID but looks to be a male??  

  • Picture

  • It's a lovely picture. Of the bird.