DAILY UPDATE ~ Loch Garten nest ~ Monday, 14 May 2018

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

DAILY UPDATE ~ Loch Garten nest ~ Monday, 14 May 2018

  • Mother's Day brought MIA George back to the nest at 9:49 am, with a fish. No question that this capture (scylla's vid) epitomizes the discussion of the day.
    ~Moffer's pic

    Sigh. Are we happy or not? For sodden EJ getting a meal, yes. For what it means for the eggs, not so much. He incubated for over 2 hours while EJ was away, before he got spooked by something and left the nest, but then he returned. GJ did not bring another meal the rest of the day, so...will he return today with a fish for EJ? Stay tuned, because with ospreys, you just never can tell.

    There were two intruders that EJ chased off (no GJ seen) one looked unringed and the next had a Blue Darvic and landed on the nest. ~Moffer's pic  Moffer reported that Alison at the VC posted news of the unringed intruder with pics.

    Here she is for the record, much as she has been in the past weeknights, except with something in her stomach. © RSPB - Loch Garten and Carnyx Wild
    The Daily Update is for recording nest events only, allowing for banter, though—any questions or conversations can happen on the Osprey Chat thread. Thank you!

  • Thank you, CC :-*

    I'm just trying to install Windows Updates on the LG laptop, while it's quiet, but it's taking absolutely ages to get its act together. 

    EJ just got up for a mild flap and probably a poop.

  • Am now in huge, huge trouble, as the Windows Update has broken my network (among other things) and I cannot access any recordings.  Hence, I am using VLC and also downloading the stream in the background on "this" laptop, and this is the current scene:

  • DAYCAM 03:43hr:

  • No snap for daycam, sorry.

    She's just getting up.  Flapping... down again.  I don't think I've got sound on the screen-capturer :'(

    This is from the background download - there was a period of mist:


  • Now:

    She just shifted slightly and I heard a couple of tiny chirps from her, no change.

    Not seen or heard you-know-who yet.  (Getting sound from VLC.)

  • More sleepy chirps, now getting more animated... ... ...

    I do have sound on the screen-capturer ;)

  • Strange, she hasn't got up but is calling enthusiastically - not majorly loud...

  • I didn't notice it raining overnight but it must have - unless the mist dampened EJ.

  • That snap could be misleading - she is looking out "Odinward" most of the time, but I wanted to capture her phiz.

  • From a bit earlier, brightened somewhat - we have frost!  (I'm so preoccupied with techie probs, can't take in what's going on.)

    Very sweet calls now, rising at the end.

  • I thought I heard a couple of chirps from him then.

  • Cuckoo - first time heard this morning.

  • scylla

    I thought I heard a couple of chirps from him then.

    Literally a couple, behind the chaff etc?


  • Still calling, not shouting tho...

    And still very frosty!