DAILY UPDATE ~ Loch Garten nest ~ Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

DAILY UPDATE ~ Loch Garten nest ~ Wednesday, 16 May 2018

  • RSPB Loch Garten Twitter reported seeing EJ at Rothiemurchus yesterday, compliments of Moffer's sharp reporting. That would account for the EJ's absence from the nest today, once for about an hour and a half, and the next for an hour. In BNN's capture, she is saying (compliments of Moffer's Osprish),
    "I'm White EJ don't you know. Don't mess with me!"

    And a detail I find interesting is that on returning to the nest after a prolonged absence, she has been reported be calling like Bynack did, on her way back to the nest, different than her silent returns (scylla's vid). For those new to the Loch Garten nest, Bynack was the youngest of two chicks on the 2011 nest, noted (affectionately) for his infamously persistent and loud calling screeching. (scylla's clip from 2011 of Bynack arriving on the nest, impatient for fish delivery)

    Personally, I think her absence was long enough for her to catch and consume a fish from Rothiemurchus---what say all you avid DUers??? While we have been angst-ing over her, she finally made her decision. We will have to see what happens tomorrow (as if we haven't been glued up til now!) She looks exactly as she did last night, so I am dispensing with the record for tonight.
    The Daily Update is for recording nest events only, allowing for banter, though—any questions or conversations can happen on the Osprey Chat thread. Thank you!

  • I keep coming here to say "hi" but can't think what to add to it :(  Besides, am out there googling all the time for solutions to the new tech probs ;)

    Just a quick egg-turn:

    Interesting sky coming thru, EJ is peaceful:

  • She just started calling.  He must be an early riser.

  • LoL...Morning Scylla

    You are quicker off the mark than me with capture and posting about the dawn chorus, and EJ truly is in fine form calling.

  • Trying
    EJ truly is in fine form calling.

    Yes, Trying, but she breaks my heart when she goes into the almost inaudible phase, and the pleading phase.  So much variety, has EJ in her most beautiful voice :-*

  • Anyway, Trying, you're supposed to have your head down, digging out solutions for me ;)

  • I was going to say "She's quiet now" but then she came out with little squeaks.

    And now some louder calls.

  • DAYCAM 03:58hr:

  • More light but her face is in shadow.  She's quiet now.

    Here he is, just for a paddle... standing at the back...

  • Flown.

  • And a GJ visit at 04-15

  • He flew around to his left and straightish away from us, didn't see him in the sky.

  • She's still calling now and then.

  • The scene has not changed at all since my last snap, it's a dupe !!!  Dear {{{EJ}}}

  • Coffee #1 time - and I need it, am flagging already :o