DAILY UPDATE ~ Loch Garten nest ~ Thursday, 17 May 2018

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

DAILY UPDATE ~ Loch Garten nest ~ Thursday, 17 May 2018

  • The moment we had all been waiting and hoping for. EJ seen at Rothiemurchus fishing and they posted a little FB video of her drying off (edit: video was from Tuesday)! Here she is with her fish on the branch below the nest perch back at LG, as reported on FB and Moffer © RSPB - Loch Garten and Carnyx Wild

    Sheila remarked she may not be around much for viewing now that she has sussed out the situation for herself. But it is merciful to us viewers, I think. That is all I think is fit to report! At the moment she has just turned the eggs before tucking her head back in to resume sleeping. RSPB - Loch Garten and Carnyx Wild
    The Daily Update is for recording nest events only, allowing for banter, though—any questions or conversations can happen on the Osprey Chat thread. Thank you!

  • Thanks for the start, CC. It was so good to see EJ get her own fish!

    3:25am EJ preened a bit and curled up again. The sky is starting to lighten.

    Just a thought on...George, George, George. Tosser, tenderfoot, or trickster? Is he a lost cause? EJ had some reason(s) for choosing him. A successful nest always requires teamwork. George has demonstrated that he has the basic skills needed for survival and breeding, but lacks the consistent application of them needed as a member of a team. Is he torn between instincts, just as EJ has been? For instance, could he be drawn to both reject and accept the clutch because not all the eggs are his? Sometimes I wonder if George is looking at us and saying (to quote Doctor Who), “Excuse me! I am making sense, you just aren't keeping up!”

    But in any case, it will interesting to see what happens to their relationship from here.

  • Thank you for rescuing us, CC, especially while you are so busy :-*

    Good morning, Pandy, thank you for your thoughts :)

    EJ has slept well.  An egg-turn @ 0220hr, and another:

    She started calling very quietly @ 0340hr:

    Another egg-turn whilst calling:

    DAYCAM 03:46hr:

    Quiet now, and constantly looking Odinwards:

  • She has been calling quietly but has fallen silent again.

    Another frosty-tailed morning!  Apart from the light, nothing's changed:

  • She's up and off!  And back in a moment.

  • FISH !!!!!!!!!!! ???????????????

  • She didn't get up, just kept calling - so he's flown off with it again !!! :'(

  • It was only half, but a half-decent meal.  So EJ rejects him again!?

  • She continues to call quietly.

  • Good morning Scylla. I just saw that too. Probably doesn’t trust him to sit on eggs at this cold time of day. Or not hungry. But she was food soliciting.

  • Good morning, Stingray :)  She's very quiet now.

    I'm off for coffee #1.

  • Here's your sunburst snap, Trying :)  (Might be a bit early but strike while...)

  • It's as if I can hear faint osprey chirps "out there" but not sure, they are so faint :-/

  • EJ is calling persistently.  We could do with the volume up somewhat.

  • Good morning Scylla, and all that follow. I wonder what today will bring. Interesting that she didn't 'bat an eyelid' at the fish that GGJ had. Long work day today, but I'll try and look in. Have a good day everyone, especially EJ.