DAILY UPDATE ~ Loch Garten nest ~ Friday, 18 May 2108

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

DAILY UPDATE ~ Loch Garten nest ~ Friday, 18 May 2108

  • Today is a very, very sad First Anniversary:

    ©RSPB Loch Garten


    Odin's replacement continues to give cause for concern - however he did bring EJ a respectable half-fish yesterday, which she, for reasons known only to herself (but she couldn't have been starving exactly), declined.  If GJ is trying to pull his socks up, this must have been discouraging.

    He paid a short visit later, intending to incubate, but EJ returned and put paid to that idea (Birdie's video), and then he landed on EJ's back (another Birdie vid).

    Later, he appeared again, seemingly suspicious that "his" nest was under threat, but nothing came of it.

    As for EJ, she was on and off the nest quite a bit, plus she did some defending sitting down (Moffer's snap) - no intruders were seen.

    The consensus seems to be that we would rather these eggs do not hatch, as GJ has been so inconsistent.

    The Daily Update is for recording nest events only, allowing for banter, though—any questions or conversations can happen on the Osprey Chat thread. Thank you!

  • I thought I'd be crafty and paste the pink "osprey chat" msg between those dotted lines, but it still doesn't show up >:(

    EDIT - In case anyone reads this, haha, and thinks "what dotted lines?"  - I've taken them out, hoping the pink link would show up but it doesn't.

  • I haven't noticed her move much at all :o

  • The pink chat text thing does show.....briefly, but doesn't stick around :-D


    I haven't noticed her move much at all :o

    Perhaps she is deep in 'dreamland' ,... thinking back of better times  :-)

  • She just had a little poop, it was a very fuss-free procedure:

  • She's calling, looking out to where GJ might be. Ooh, louder now.

  • She was sleeping quietly, then started chirping before raising her head to look over GJ's way.  Continues to call.

  • After a period of silence she's calling again - she will not show us her lovely face:

  • DAYCAM 03:36hr:

    Not calling at present.

  • A few high calls, a change of type.

  • It seems as if EJ is more in chat with her neighbours, who are also awake and vocal in the background. :-)

  • Shrill calling then, quieted and resumed less shrilly...upped the volume again.

  • You can see the vehemence in this mini-session (brightened):

  • It's very upsetting that she turned down a fish yesterday and now she's calling and calling and calling for one, in vain :'(

    I really thought a fish might be coming then :o

  • Good morning MC..and Trying if you are here.

    EJ was shouting when I first saw her.