A Tribute to Odin

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

A Tribute to Odin

  • I thought it would be nice to have a special thread as a Tribute to the Magnificent Odin.....   I hope others will add their own tributes.

    Odin first arrived AT LOCH GARTEN in 2009 

    Here is Richards BLOG announcing the arrival on the nest.  

    Here is Richards BLOG when Odin was named.  

    and I found the first ever Daily Update

    and for those who may not have followed that long:-

    The list of Odin's chicks at Loch Garten

    2009 - Rothes, Mallachie and Garten

     2010 - 3 chicks which were un-ringed

     2011 - Bynack and Tore

     2012 - Caledonia and Alba

     2013 - Oighrig and Breagha

     2014 - Millicent, Seasca and Druie

     2015 - No Chicks

     2016 - Willow and Rowan

     2017 - No Chicks

    I did this wee video as a Tribute to Odin.   

    Get the hankies out!   Don't know how many times I blubbered making it up .

    I hope Limpy doesn't mind as I used a couple of his videos, but as I didn't have any way of communicating to ask I hope its alright. 

    I know Scylla won't mind me using hers. :-)

  • Thank you Mary.

  • Thanks Mary.  Odin was a special osprey to many of us.

  • Mary, thank you for the thought, for the research and for the wonderful memories.

  • Lovely tribute.   Thank you Mary.   And here I sit just a few miles from where I last saw him in a tree at Loch Mallachie.  What a white breast he had and always looked quite cross on camera!

  • Thankyou MARY I wanted to do a tribute a few weeks ago but haven't got the tech skills You have done a brilliant job Gorgeous Odin I now need a new box of tissues One special bird

  • I didn't 'know' Odin in the way that you all did, but your tribute shows that he was a beautiful osprey and a great character, Mary. So sad that he's been lost, like Glesni.

  • Thanks, Mary.  Odin was one very special Osprey and is much missed.

  • That is really  beautiful Mary, so moving. Thank you.

  • How lovely Mary.  We all miss him so much and I expect EJ does too especially in the light of this seasons happenings. We will never know what happened to him but he will always be remembered by us all.

  • So much time and effort, all in the name of making us cry ;-)  He is so missed.

    Thank you, Mary :-*  No-one can do it like you do. 

  • Great Tribute MaryGK.... very fitting music as well. Thanks.

  • Beautifully done, thank you. It also made me cry to see chicks on the nest! :'(

  • Thanks everyone, you are so kind and generous with your comments. 

    I am going to add Birdie's tribute too - her lovely Postage Stamp Set,  

  • Oh Rats! I so miss him so very much. Thank you Mary. My darling, darlling boy