DAILY UPDATE ~ Loch Garten nest ~ Monday, 11 June 2018

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

DAILY UPDATE ~ Loch Garten nest ~ Monday, 11 June 2018

  • A rainy day with an all-day breakfast and hints of intruders, no nest visits.

    This was honestly one of the best shots (!) of EJ yesterday, it was the clearest we got of her:

    Courtesy of Moffer.

  • Good morning MC and all who follow.

    ENS at present.

  • Good Morning SCYLLA , Mike and to all the DUs

    Maybe EJ is away fishing this morning LOL

    Was good to know she fed herself yesterday :-)

    I hope your reinstallation of Windows 10 went well SCYLLA, I think it’s a rubbish OS.  

  • Good morning MARY. Quiet all round.

  • Hi Mike

    I have been catching up on yesterday’s DU

    Its great the roaming cam is working again, so lovely to see EJ on her various perches.

    Scylla must have eyes like a hawk to have spotted that deer meandering past or was it louping past :-)

    Will pop in later to see if the beautiful EJ has made an appearance with her fish from Aviemore Lochan LOL

  • Morning MARY and MIKE Good news that the roaming camera is fixed We see so little of our favourite lady these days

  • I'm not sure it is 'fixed' Patily. More work being done this week.

  • Oh What a shame Thanks MIKE

  • Good morning Scylla, Mike, Mary, patily and followers,

    EJ in the camera tree.

  • Catch-up

    Day cam 03:30:24 on the time stamp

    EJ was on the nest at 05:05, she jumped down from the campost.

    Highlights of EJ's visit, a photofest for me

    She arrived in a blur

    Again at 06:13

  • I was just in the process of snipping a dry ENS when I heard a click, and lo and behold roaming cam kicked in

    09.37 EJ is mantling, and the sound appears to have gone.

    09.38  EJ flew...

    back to the nest

    I can hear birds singing, but EJ appears not to have intruder calls, merely mantled

  • She's mantling.

  • Thanks Birdie. Staff must have just come in.

  • She has flown, she is on the nest in defense mode

  • Good morning Mike and Sheila :)