DAILY UPDATE ~ Loch Garten nest ~ Thursday, 14 June 2018

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

DAILY UPDATE ~ Loch Garten nest ~ Thursday, 14 June 2018

  • No sight of our precious EJ yesterday!  Some of us thought we heard her voice tho.

    GJ was seen manfully defending on his own and an intruder touched down briefly.

    More intrusions were heard later in the day, and Trying saw flybys.

    It's a very, very windy night, but doesn't feel as tho the life-threatening storm has quite hit.

    In case you missed it, there was a very nice BLOG from busy Blair, with news of another nest in the area.

  • Thanks, dear scylla! Great psychedelic shot by BNN. I hope we get to see more of EJ tomorrow. ENS.

  • Good morning, CC :)  I'm having a strange network problem, it's been happening randomly lately and I just do not know how to fix it.  I'm typing this with my eyes closed, so I'll be off now.  Cheerie-bye :-*

  • Couldn't switch off without fixing this network problem, now done, thanks to Google x 100.  If this problem is well-known enough for people to write articles about it, why can't Windows Troubleshooter fix it?!

    EEK!  It's gone again!

    Never mind, it's getting light and still windy.

  • scylla
    If this problem is well-known enough for people to write articles about it, why can't Windows Troubleshooter fix it?!

    Because it's Windows! Hahaha. Good night, scylla, see you tmw! xx

  • CC
    Because it's Windows!

    This laptop had a small Windows Update today, that's what caused it.  I think it's fixed now, until...  I was thinking of you and your Mac while I was delving into deep settings, taking risks.

    It doesn't seem 5 minutes since I was doing nightcam!

    DAYCAM 03:22hr:

    And a few minutes ago - and it's still very windy:

  • Good morning to "all who follow", I shall be zuzzing.

    SYAL :)

  • Good Morning Everybody who comes here

    The nest looks wild this morning with the grass and bedding blowing in the wind

  • Good morning.  Another quiet start to the day, with no sign of EJ.  I've been hear for the past hour, with one eye on the screen, and the volume turned down  - the wind is very noisy.

    I did notice that sometime between 23.22 (Scylla's nightcam pic) and 01.33, another of Scylla's pics, EJ's large stick has blown over the edge of the nest and is resting, I think, on the left lower rim.

    It is great to know that EJ actually caught a fish y'day morning (12 June), after two failed catches.  From y'day's blog by Blair " In fact some lovely person sent us a photo of EJ fishing at one of the fisheries in Aviemore yesterday. Apparently she caught two fish, in separate attempts, and dropped both of them. But third time did prove lucky as she flew off with a fish in both talons at 5:40am.".  It would have been lovely if either AO or LG had posted a pic of her!

    BBC have been given a press release on EJ!  I recognise the PM pic!


    Edit:  LOL  I know someone who will disagree with the BBC/LG report  "Ospreys migrate from west Africa to Scotland to breed".  What about those seen overwintering in Portugal, Spain, etc!  Which of course includes Caledonia (Blue AA1(12) f, one of EJ's chicks, who so tragically died in January 2014.  She was found dead in the cloisters of the convent of San Clemente in Seville city, after colliding with a tension cable of a lightning rod of the convent.


  • Love the PM snap Mary. Was that one of Moffer's?...or...yours? How fast the memory fades!

  • Here was one PM visit, which I think was probably the one the pic came from.  5 April 2018

  • It's raining.

  • Good morning, all!


    Love the PM snap Mary. Was that one of Moffer's?...

    You're doing well this morning, Korky - you were asking SHEILA, actually, and it was most likely BirdieNumNum's ;-D

    Just going to see is anything happened since I went to sleep.

  • 11.59  Ooooh, did I hear an EJ chip?  I assume the person who so kindly handled the roaming cam hasn't been on duty for the past two days?  No longer raining.

  • SheilaFE
    11.59  Ooooh, did I hear an EJ chip?

    You heard someone, SHEILA, and it was probably EJ because someone flew to the perch under the nest ???

    But I've got a 9-hour file in my editor so it will be a while before I get it up here ;)