Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 8 July 2018

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 8 July 2018


    I hope everyone has a wonderful -- or at least a better -- week!

    Scarlet Tanager 

    Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore (Lake Michigan)
    U.S. National Park Service
    Photo labeled Public Domain (Copyright Free) 

  • Annette: I am so relieved that your house is okay, so far. I watched a livestream from your local TV news station to get an update today. I hope you're able to relax and have a nice evening tonight. I also hope your grandson is still recovering well. Stay cool in that heat. We had a bit of a break from the heatwave yesterday and today. Like you, I also went to bed late and woke up exactly at 5:45 a.m. this morning. Weird, huh? Listened to a bit of the World Service before my regular NPR station came on.

    Last night, I dreamed I was sitting on a high cliff above the sea in Ireland. I had long, long hair and a tattered long dress. 

    AQ: I loved those little animals in the Children's Garden, especially the owl. 

    Harelady: Nice to see you! I love your grandchildren's names. 

    Lindy: I'm glad you're having a nice time at your caravan. Hope your dizziness is abating. 

    Heather: I was also relieved to hear that your son-in-law has now been moved to a regular ward. He must have been awfully sick to require another blood transfusion. Sending him healing. Hope you and the girls have fun. I read your post about your favorite World Service program. Mine is the Newshour

    Clare and Limpy: I was thinking of you today. Sending best wishes. 

    Sorry to those I've missed. I'm really tired (after being in Ireland all night -- LOL), so I'm off to bed even before the sun fully sets. 

  • Thank you DIANE: Interesting dream - I guess we have to take these few opportunities available to escape the present state of affairs.  :-)

    Hope you sleep better tonight.  

    Had a very lazy day but did manage to go puttering about for a couple of hours - more thunder and rain and sky looks very moody right now.

    Have a good Sunday everyone.

  • Diane - That’s a bright happy fellow to start our week. Thank you.

    A cool still day here. The rain, all 7 mm of it, has been and gone. Nothing worthwhile forecast.

  • OG: I seem to remember that you like Tall Ships, so I thought I'd tell you that the Christian Radich, an historic Norwegian Tall Ship, is in Lerwick Harbor right now. You can see it very close-up on the Victoria Pier cam. (That webcam shifts from place to place, so you may have to wait a minute for the Tall Ship to come around). You can also see it on the Town Hall East cam. Webcams HERE

  • Once upon a time I would regularly present Dau with a CD of pics of the Little People. I was thinking, when I actually remembered the task, that I was missing about 2 year’s worth. Oh dear, the last pics I handed over were dated Nov 2014. Now I have nearly 4 years of pics to access, prune, delete, label. At least I do recognise which twin is which. Here are 2 recent pics, Very recent, taken only a month ago!



  • AQ: They are so beautiful!!!

    Lindy: Amber is also gorgeous. I forgot to comment the other day when you posted the photo of her in the hats. 

  • Good morning, all.  Keeping everything crossed for those boys in Thailand - I've just read that the rescue is now under way.

  • Diane in Indiana
    I was thinking of you today. Sending best wishes. 

    You've exceptionally kind.  We're not too bad and he's stlll on his feet!

  • Good Morning, and thanks to Diane for starting us off again. Love the cheerful chap in the feathered outfit!  I am also thinking of Clare and Limpy these days. We've not heard from Clare on here for a while.

    Hope all is well at home for Annette.

    Sorry you've had so little rainfall, AQ. What gorgeous pictures, the girls look such happy children.

    Hope that OG and EE can have a day off, and just sit around in their garden today!

    Heather - Fingers crossed that your s.in.law continues to improve, and your family can all get back to normal.

    Diane - Thank you, we adore Amber who is a real little character. She is going to start pre school in September and we keep saying that they won't know there, what's hit them, LOL!!

    Hope Everyone has a good Sunday.

  • I see that Clare has come on whilst I've been chatting about football to my OH, and writing this with one finger, LOL!  --  -- 

    Good that you're still both OK, Clare, and {{BIG HUGS}} to Limpy especially!

    EDIT:  I should remind you, that I'm allowed to give Limpy as many hugs as I like, as I'm old enough to be his mother, LOL!!

  • Morning all:   I see four boys have been rescued from the cave, although the BBC is reporting six rescued.   Let's hope things continue to go as well.

    AQ:   I for one would be worried if you couldn't tell which cutie was which!  Miss L has all the makings of an Irish colleen.  Those differences are fascinating and evidence of just how complex all that genetic history is (scuse the appallingly constructed sentence!).  :-)

    CLARE:  Have I missed something?  Are you and/or LIMPY OK?

    Back to the house this afternoon to update my list of things to do this week..  

  • Lindybird

    Good that you're still both OK, Clare, and {{BIG HUGS}} to Limpy especially!

    EDIT:  I should remind you, that I'm allowed to give Limpy as many hugs as I like, as I'm old enough to be his mother, LOL!!

    Thank you Lindybird but you are less than 6 years older than me.  You can still give me hugs though.

  • Hi!  Semi-lurking today - so far reading but not writing.  Been more cloud here today at times, so there has been some relief from the heat.  We all had a bad night with J's cough which has been around for a very long time, but last night just wouldn't stop. He didn't come to church, which was a pity as it was a very good service led by an excellent Church of Scotland "Reader".  Been in the garden this afternoon, but now inside for OH to do veg to go with the braised beef which smells wonderful in the oven!  Also been watching the details of the Thai cave rescue - a brilliant result for those four, I hope the rains will cease for another rescue effort tomorrow.  I see we have a forest fire on Ben Bhraggie - Daughter used to live there in Golspie, a lovely area.  No fresh news from fires in G Manchester and Lancashire.

  • Hello all - back home, as is son in law. according to the consultant it was apparently a very close call - he lost so much blood that the medic on the rig could not access a vein. Thank goodness for the Coastguard helicopter and the speed with which they responded when things got so much worse.