DAILY UPDATE Loch Garten nest ~ Friday, 13 July 2018

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

DAILY UPDATE Loch Garten nest ~ Friday, 13 July 2018

  • Wow it is almost midnight here, and I am just back to see I should begin the new thread! I was all day in hospital. Looks as if GJ and EJ have been companiably lounging together on the same branch even though he is not bringing her fish. Here is the scene on an empty nest that has a whole lot of junk in its center. © RSPB - Loch Garten and Carnyx Wild

  • .  © RSPB - Loch Garten and Carnyx Wild

  • His nibs just arrived, looked around and flew off silently.

    © RSPB - Loch Garten and Carnyx Wild

  • Thank you, CC!  I'd better start catching up :o

    Rain overnight:

    GJ flew in one side, looked defensive, relaxed, and flew out the other side - he was on the nest for 5 minutes:

    Back for a shorter check:

  • Good night scylla! I had better git going myself! xx

  • Good Morning CC, although I imagine you have gone now, and GM to you SCYLLA and Everybody who comes

  • Goodnight, sleep tight, CC :-*

    I've only just finished slotting in and then correcting the catchup - I see that you've already done a vid for one of the visits...

    No EJ, then?!

  • Good morning or goodnight CC and MC.

  • Good Morning CC,Scylla, Patily, Mike and all who follow.

    Thanks for the start off CC.

    Its your diligence that pays off every morning SCYLLA and your recordings and posts of G’s. regular early morning visits to the nest, otherwise we would think he had disappeared as he doesn’t visit very much during the day. 

    I see EJ has been at AO Ospreys, I will post the comments below. 

  • I just seen EJ mentioned, but he was referring to yesterday and isn’t sure if it was her this morning.

  • Hopefully he may confirm later Mary.

  • You can ask Mike lol....

  • Good morning, BC: PATILY, MARY, MIKE :)))

    There's been a little bird tweeting really sweetly but, dang, I can't remember what it is.  Maybe the same one was scrabbling metallically near the cam...

    This Great-Coal-Tit ;) popped up from the left side so I don't think it's the one who scrabbled:

  • It’s hard to say Scylla, great or coal, did you get any back of the head shots?

  • MaryGK
    did you get any back of the head shots?

    No, Mary - those frames were snapped from about a tenth of a second :o