Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys



  • What is the general consensus regarding BLUE 3AW.

    At first I thought she may be enjoying her new freedom and investigating other nesting sites in the area as RW had reported. I think if this was the case we may have heard of a return or sighting by now.

    Likewise she may have started an early migration but is that particularly early only 3 weeks after fledge. I think an early migration in recent times was White PJ (Rothes) migrating 25 days after fledge which we know from her satellite data. Can anyone recall earlier migrations than BLUE 3AW in recent times if in fact she may have migrated.

    Having left the nest leaving her half eaten fish my only other thought is she came to some harm soon after.

  • ENS

  • Keith, unless there is a sighting of her ring there is no way of knowing. The female chick from Manton Bay last year, 2AN, also disappeared very early. She fledged 6th July and was last seen 29th July. I prefer to think they both migrated.

  • 33 is now on the nest with a large fish. All alone.


  • Now it's Maya's turn to appear on the nest.


  • The first 6 relocation Osplets were released from the pens in Poole Harbour on 31st July 2017.

    The first one had departed on migration by 25th August, LS7, and was seen in Senegal in January 2018.

    25 days from full fledge to migration.

  • Thank you Richard.

  • Thanks Richard on par with Rothes but not earlier than Blue 3AW.

  • Juvie on the edge of the nest, looking around and shouting for fish.

  • ENS

  • Someone shouting for breakfast!

  • Hi MIKE  Nice surprise to see someone on the nest early in the morning

  • Hi Patily. Yes that ENS is becoming more and more frequent.

  • Good Morning Patily

    Definitely shouting for breakfast. 

    At 06.22 when I looked at webcam, there was still the sunrise locked into bottom screen, I knew if I clicked on the arrow it would disappear as it was already at the white mushroom stage on the top screen. 

    So just in case we don't see anymore sunrises this season at MB I will post it for posterity LOL