DAILY UPDATE ~ Loch Garten nest ~ Sunday, 05 August 2018

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

DAILY UPDATE ~ Loch Garten nest ~ Sunday, 05 August 2018

  • No EJ or GJ yesterday despite Lorna's best efforts combined with the regular DUers. Is it finally the end of the season? Shall we consider starting up our post-season thread for 2018? Here is scylla's last capture, a painterly one of rosy deer ambling by the perch (video link).

  • Good morning!  Just popping in briefly, watching my first early morning mist rolling in at home.  The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness are upon us.

    Well spotted Birdsong, and thanks for the vid Scylla.  A beautiful photo CC, and thanks for starting the day.

    05.04 daycam has just turned from B&W to this colour.

    It's difficult to tell whether the cam or nature has sorted itself out from the colours of late y'day or not just now.

    No sign of EJ, sadly.

  • Looking more like it!

  • Thank you sincerely, CC :)  I should think that by the end of today we'll all know if it's time to call time on the DU - for the second time this season, lol ;-)

    DAYCAM 05:04hr:

  • Good morning, SHEILA, from a hot and "glowing" Scylla ;)

  • Good morning to you too, SCYLLA. I'm sorry to hear you are still suffering from the heat.

    I heard what sounded like a partridge calling.  Does LG have partridge, or would that have been a caper?

  • Good morning MC and Sheila.

  • Hello Mike.  It's all sadly quiet at LG this morning.

  • Back to bed for me.

  • Good morning, MIKE :)

    I heard what sounded like a partridge calling.

    I didn't hear it, Sheila - how long before your post do you think you heard it?  I could check back...

    Edit - I'm too late, typical!  You've gone back to bed - sleep tight :)

    I couldn't "see" anything in the near vicinity of your post.

  • Good Morning Scylla, Sheiila and Mike and to all who look in today.

    Thank You CC for starting us off, and showing Scylla's glowing deer. 

    I hear calls as we speak, it sounds like EJ, but is it!!!!   

    The perch is empty if only whoever was there would fly to it, as we are in great need of seeing whoever it is that is calling :-) 

  • Good morning, MARY :)

    I think the picture is still "wrong" for colour, but it's very nice according to your snap.

    I hear calls as we speak,

    I didn't hear anything.  What's wrong with me this morning? :(

  • Agree Scylla the colour is not quite right, needs a bit of colour/contrast tweaking I think :-) 

    I have just been watching your wee GEM of a video of the deer ambling through last night, so lovely to see that many deer in that kind of light, it certainly deserves many more LIKES that's for sure.  :-) 

    Still the chirping goes on, it really does sound like EJ, but then that is probably because I am willing it to be her. 

  • Hi Mary. I didn't hear anything and can't find it on scroll back? How many tabs have you got open??

  • MaryGK
    Still the chirping goes on

    I cannot hear any chirping whatsoever - I am so desperate that I must ask if you have another nest open or maybe a video has started playing on YouTube due to their default AutoPlay setting?