Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 16 September 2018

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 16 September 2018


    I hope everyone has a wonderful, peaceful week -- the last week before the Autumn Equinox. 

    Instead of a picture, here are two short videos:

    I love THIS OWL. Unfortunately, I can make that same face when I'm angry about something important. Seriously. LOL! (Video is 10 seconds.)

    Annette needs ONE OF THESE to help her harvest oranges from her tree. LOL! (Video is 1 minute 38 seconds.)

    Take care, all. 

  • Oh Diane - that's a riot, but it would have to be a pretty tall sheep (or one on stilts) to reach our oranges. Great video of the owl - I love the way the woodpecker starts very slowly backing down the tree stump...    :-)   Thanks for those and for starting the thread.

    I've missed a lot of news this last week or so; just managing to take a look at the headlines.

    Take care everyone

  • Good Morning, and thanks to Diane for starting us off, I love the videos. Can't help worrying about how difficult it will be for the sheep to get that juice out of its wool afterwards!! LOL!!

    Damp and drizzly here. We will be going to visit sis in law before she leaves tomorrow on her holiday.

    Hope that Heathers ankle is OK now, and that AQ is recovering from her cold. Have a good Sunday, Everyone!

  • Good morning, ALL.  Must be autumn - Nerines are blooming - but still plenty of summer colour too!

    LINDA - pleased your friend was so bright yesterday when you visited.

    DIANE - thanks for the new week and the videos.  The Owl and Woodpecker one was extraordinary, especially the Owl's stare and the Woodpecker travelling backwards down the tree!  I wasn't sure at the end of the orange-eating sheep video whether she really enjoyed them!

    ANNETTE - good to see that you are taking some rest when you can.  Enjoy the week with your niece there.

    OH has set off to church - service followed by quarterly meeting.  Some rain . and more threatening late morning.  J's legs seem to have recovered after a good rest yesterday.  I am taking another restful day, to make sure I can get to the dentist tomorrow for check-up.

  • DIANE - Thank you for starting us off and also for the videos! I wasn't sure about the sheep really enjoying the oranges, either!

    OG - good that J's legs are better. I don't think that he can be more than 35-40 so it is worrying that he is already suffering painful legs.

    LINDY - It must have cheered you somewhat to see that your friend was in good form x

    Another offer from family to take me shopping today! It is a bit like a bus, you wait for ever then two come along at the same time. Fortunately, I do all my own shopping but it is nice to go somewhere different from time to time.

    I've decided to spend only three days in Denmark. It will take two days to get there from here and a lot of garden work awaits. The grapes are ripening but after that, I must prune the vines back. hard. Also, winter pruning of roses and other things. Tarmac drive need mosskiller - I have just purchased 5 litres but youngest son in law says that diluted as recommended, will barely cover the front drive so must get more.

    Regards to all -

  • Glad you decided to have a restful day, OG.  And it's good that J's legs are improved. Hope he doesn't have more problems with them.

    Heather, you must feel better now that you've decided about the Denmark trip. But I hope you don't try to do too much in the garden!

    I had a pleasant morning, visiting sis in law and swapping news on our respective holidays. But this afternoon, I was tearing my hair out, as I went online to check on something, and found that the trips and excursions I'd booked weeks ago for our cruise were not listed, and apparently not paid for either, even though I thought I'd done it all.  This was on top of my usually patient OH getting annoyed that we have not yet been sent any tickets for the whole thing. He tried to ring our travel agent about it but was told he wasn't available, even though he's supposed to be there on a Sunday.

    Sorry to rant about it, but I had to get it off my chest!! Bah!!

  • HEATHER - J will be 40 next year; but unfortunately legs run in our family (LOL) - and get younger in each generation  My maternal grandfather was in his 70s, Mum was about 65, I was 40 and got worse quite quickly, J has been getting worse for a few years now - possibly exacerbated by radiotherapy as a child.  All the way to Denmark for just three days - wow!  Hope it will be worth it and you have a good time.

    LINDY - I doo hope the booking problems and lack of tickets will be satisfactorily resolved in working hours tomorrow!  You are certainly allowed a rant over this!

  • Lindy I would be spitting feathers also as I like to be in control and know where I am going .

    Autumn has arrived and gradually putting garden to bed. Furniture washed covered and now in garage. Troughs emptied last week to coincide with garden bin day. Luckily we still have a collection every 2 weeks includes in council tax.

    This weeks project will be stacking a double load of logs delivered on Saturday. I like to do it as it has to be “ neat”.

    Woodburner lit most nights much to the joy of the dogs.

    Went foraging yesterday for sloes so today I have managed 4 litres of tasty sloe gin.

    OG sorry to hear about J as far as I know we haven’t had anything passed down.

  • OG - "knees" run in our family!  My maternal grandmother used to complain about hers, my mother had trouble with hers, and they ached, and now I'm just beginning to find that mine hurt when it rains! Mine can also sort of 'give out' just when you need to rely on them when coming down steps etc. I've got loose joints.

    Wendy - You have been industrious. We have a 2 week collection on the garden waste, too, but to save money the Council suspends this during December and January. Consequently people do all sorts of waste dumping, down lanes, etc. I made sloe gin once but am too lazy now. 

    Have calmed down after a glass of wine and an email received from the cruise line (automated) confirming our excursions booking. We will still be contacting them, though. I only went online to check if there were hairdryers provided in the cabins!  Good job I noticed that something wasn't right.

    My OH will be contacting the Travel Agents as we are not best pleased with their service. Will definitely not be using them again.

    Ho hum, in bed now and must get some sleep to tackle tomorrow's dramas! Night All.

  • Diane – What a hoot. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

    Chish & fips for tea last eve. I phoned the order, drove down to collect but couldn’t get in the door as a bloke was so busy yacking to his friend that he was oblivious to me nudging the door against his back. Then I heard the fish man say “Let the young lady in”.

    Fine sunny day. OH can’t decide whether to go out for lunch. I reminded him that forecast says showers Tues & Wed. I’m staying inside as high pollen count.

  • Good Morning, All.  Slight drizzle here but supposed to be a dry day. My OH not best pleased as his golfing partner wanted to go golfing today, instead of tomorrow, as he thought it would rain then but according to the forecast it will be dry then :-(

    AQ -- You're obviously doing life differently from the rest of us, and growing younger by the day!

  • MY OH returned as I was eating breakfast:  his partner decided he'd rather play tomorrow instead - sigh.

    I had to discreetly move some stuff to cover the music CD I had bought him for Christmas, and put on the stairs for going up into storage until then.  I'm off to buy some charity Christmas cards, now!  My OH has gone to get a haircut - I wish he'd gone last week as he looks scalped when he goes, as he asks for "very short" and it only looks good when its grown a bit!

  • WENDY - you are doing well with the autumn preparations - sloe gin, logs delivered and the garden neat and tidy!

    LINDA - A lot of people say damp weather affects joint pain - can't say mine varies that much, but I am never sure which pains are due to the osteo-arthritis and which to the psoriatic arthritis.  Pleased you had some assurance about your holiday before you went to bed last night!

    AQ - so annoying when people gather in corridors and doorways to have their conversations.  When I am in the chair and OH is pushing me and we come across a gossiping gaggle, if I say excuse me they don't hear me because I am below their level, but they can't hear OH either because he is further behind!

    Looks like we might get to dentist without rain, but it is still not clear what ex-hurricane Helene will throw up the Solway tonight.  Local police advice is to "batten down the hatches" so all garden furniture, vulnerable lightweight pots, hanging baskets and even the wheelie bin are now safely in the garage - and we expect to see the usual flying trampolines by tomorrow morning!

  • OG well the weather started promising so after walking the dogs I started to stack the latest log delivery. It equates to about 2 tons so was thinking of doing it in 2 stints. But once started I ploughed on even in the rain. The forecast looks very damp tomorrow so I think it was a good decision. So that’s around 5 tons all nice and dry for the winter. Quick sit down and warm soak in the bath.

    Pretty sure neither dogs will be up for a walk as they hate the rain going down their sticky up ears. Hooray for a large garden.

  • WENDY - wow!  That's a lot of logs all neatly stacked!  Hope the bath prevented back-ache from doing all that!  If I had Bulldog ears, I don't think I would want rain going down them either - bad enough when it runs down my neck!

    Dentist visit was okay - just a pick and polish - back there next March.  Some mizzle as we got back in the car, but none at home.  Edit: OH says we now have a steady drizzle here.  However, Storm Helene has been rerouted to cross the UK south of the border and even if we get some wind off the edge they say it will be less than feared.  Looks as if it have moved on by tomorrow lunchtime, so may even get to M&S Food as planned.