Loch of Kinnordy

Loch of Kinnordy

Loch of Kinnordy
Do you love our Loch of Kinnordy nature reserve? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!
Latest blog posts
  • Year List 2017

    Happy New Year from all of us at RSPB Scotland Loch of Kinnordy! Looking back, here is our year list from Kinnordy for 2017. We had 123 bird species last year and we are hoping for just as good a year in 2018 or maybe even better. Let us know if...
  • Three times a charm

    Brilliant news, this year the marsh harriers at Kinnordy have fledged three chicks! Amazing family photos from Ted Logan:
  • Marsh Harriers- food toss.

    Because we have marsh harriers breeding at Kinnordy we are able to see some of their wonderful behaviors up close and from the comfort of the hide! One such behavior is the food toss. When the female is busy incubating the eggs the male will catch...
  • Ospreys and Marsh Harriers

    We are getting plenty of sightings of both the osprey and marsh harriers at Kinnordy. Here is a wonderful photo by Ted Logan showing perfectly the size difference between the osprey (below) and male marsh harrier (above).
  • Raptors galore!

    What a week for raptors at Kinnordy. We've had the return of the marsh harriers and the osprey, frequent sightings of red kites, a sparrowhawk over the car park and a peregrine outside swamp hide! These photos by Ted Logan show the male and...