Deery Me!


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Deery Me!

  • As I left a teaser on a thread last week, I thought I should put a few more pics up now the Deer Safaris have started.  Initially from my sneak preview a week ago, then a few from the weekend.  No violent clashes yet (well, not that I've witnessed anyway), but love is certainly in the air....

    This is the chap I left you with last week - Best Dressed Stag entrant

    and of course, what the chaps are all interested in - this Hind still has last year's youngster tagging along, not at all unusual a sight

    Did you know that if food is in short supply, a Hind is less likely to give birth to a male calf (males grow bigger & faster and put greater strain on Mum).  If it's a particularly bad winter, they can even re-absorb the embryo to avoid starvation.  Fascinating stuff.

    The big stags can get REALLY big sometimes - up to a quarter of a tonne!  I'm guessing most of the Minsmere stags aren't quite up to that weight, but they're generally bigger than those in Scotland (better food, milder winters).  When they start bellowing, you can hear them at the visitor centre.

    A lot of the Hinds seem pretty unimpressed though - this group were chilling out in the heather

    And even some of the Stags are positively Zen like!

    But it turns out he's not all that daft - he's hiding a girlfriend in the gorse!

    It has to be said though - not all the deer appreciate being the subject of visitors' attention.  This chap made his feelings known in no uncertain fashion.  How rude!

  • Wonderful thread, photos and humour WJ,  such beautiful animals and with the rut underway hopefully more photo ops.      

  • Great pics and very interesting information too WJ.   The size of those antlers always amazes me.

  • As usual another set of great photo's WJ, looks like some pics were taken looking across from north bushes at the end of digger alley towards the woods? They are such magnificent creatures. We have never witnessed the "Rut" & will miss it again this year.

  • tony
    looks like some pics were taken looking across from north bushes at the end of digger alley towards the woods?

    No, they're all out the back of the reserve from one of the safari vehicles.  The chilled out hinds picture is looking more or less in the direction of the entrance road, Scott's Hall would be away to the left somewhere.  It's easy to lose track of direction out the back of the reserve, it's a large area!

    The size of those antlers always amazes me.

    I agree - and the speed they grow each year, only dropping off in the Spring.  It must take such a lot of energy to grow new each year, it makes you wonder why they haven't evolved to keep them attached

  • Great photos and story as always.

    If anyone would like to join Whistling Joe, or any of our volunteer drivers on a deer safari, then we still have three tours available this autumn.

    The available times are on Saturday 14 October at 11.30 am, Tuesday 17 October at 2.30 pm and Saturday 21 October at 9.00 am.

    Costs are £90 for RSPB members or £155 for non members. This is for up to four people.

    To book, please call us ASAP on 01728 648301.

    Alternatively, you can watch the deer from the public footpaths, but they will be a bit further away. Please ask at the visitor centre for details.


    ALL deer safaris are now FULLY BOOKED

  • Hi WJ, Great Pictures I mine will be as good because Saturday I am going on the Deer Safari. I am really looking forward to it.

  • Didn't take long to fill those last safaris! I may see you at some point then Nick, I'll be around on Saturday :-)
  • My Safari was booked in July . Mum and Dad did it for my birthday as it was a big on this year. :)

  • No need to say "enjoy yourself" Nickbarn, you will no doubt have a brilliant time - dead jealous!!!!!

  • Hey Nick, I hope you get some great shots as your lucky to be going on a stag do......Please make sure you upload your pics.

    cheers, Bear

  • nickbarn

    Mum and Dad did it for my birthday as it was a big on this year. :)

    21 already eh Nick? :-)
  • OOOOOOH! yes no worries on that one Bearofbarham. :)

  • I wish Mr WJ