What an Odd Mixture


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What an Odd Mixture

  • It was a bit cold & grey on Saturday as we strolled around Minsmere, not what you'd call classic photography weather, but in the midst of chilly breezes, you can often find something to take a picture of.

    This Heron was somewhat un-Heron-like as it strolled along the path towards the hide, clearly enjoying its morning ramble

    You're quite high up in Bittern Hide, so hardly the best angle to take pictures of birds so close on the ground - especially when they "Do a Pesky" and come too close!  I think it still works as an image though - the benefit of a background made up of random greenery :-)

    I'd heard rumours of interesting things happening near the visitor centre though, so hung around later in the day to see what the fuss was about.  Of course, you can't sit near bird feeders without being visited by these cheeky chaps

    But eventually my patience was rewarded - we don't see Brambling all that often at Minsmere (not in large numbers anyway) so to have one so accommodating was a real treat

    It was only when sorting out images that I also realised I hadn't pulled off those from Mrs WJ's camera after her trip during the week - so, to round off what is a bit of an eclectic mix, a picture of the relaxed Kes that's learned to hunt Common Darters on Whin Hill

  • Oh wow WJ,  what a superb selection of species and terrific photos, very envious of the Brambling especially - they do have such stunning plumage.  Going back for another look at them on full screen :)  

  • Stunning photos WJ -love the Heron strolling and beautiful detail on the Brambling (we don't get many sightings of them down here either). Such a pretty looking Kestrel too


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  • Cracking shots, WJ.

  • A lovely collection, WJ--thanks for posting!  Love the Heron and the gorgeous Brambling and not forgetting the Kestrel.  We've only had a Brambling appear in our west-Surrey back garden a few times in 3 decades and always in deepest winter.

  • gaynorsl

    Drooling!!!   Back to your lessons on "Getting off Auto" 23rd Dec 2014

    Lol! Is it really three years since I started the GoA series?  Hmm, have to try and think of a new episode :-)