Sunny Day


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Sunny Day

  • Wednesday 1st August 2018

    Day at Minsmere


    21’C in car when we arrived. Sunny blue patchy cloudy sky.

    There was about six Ladybirds on the grass near where I got out of the car, all looking for their Breakfast. The Buddleia outside the Visitors Centre had a good number of Butterflies; Peacock, Red Admiral, and Painted Lady. I did not see the Humming Bird Moth everyone else was telling that they had saw one; I have seen them before in the garden.

    Digger Alley was buzzing today with; Mini Beewolf, Rudy Tailed Wasp, Ornate Tailed Wasp, Red Thighed Epeolus Bee.

    The North Wall was empty of birds this morning not one to be seen on there, the grass is still a dry brown even though we have had some rain. The North Marsh path was busy with Butterflies and Dragonflies, they were all too busy flying round and in’N’out of the Reeds along the path. As we got to the end of the path, to look out to Sea I could just made out a big dark shade on the water, it was a big group of Common Scoters. Walk back along the path I did manage to get a picture of a Silver Studded Blue, just got it before it decided to fly off.

    Silver Studded Blue Butterfly


    Out the front of the North Hide was quiet, the reeds just outside the window was full of different Insects. Inside the hide, I did get a picture of a Deer Fly and a Moth, which I cannot find what it is.

    Deer Fly


    Month Please help with ID


    It was nice and cool sitting outside having lunch. While we were having our lunch we were, watch the Sand Martin flying around in the sky just above their sandy bank and some flu into their nest holes in the bank. I was so surprise to see how fast they fly into the hole.

    The walk to the Sluice we had Damselflies, Dragonflies, and Butterflies all the way to the sluice. At the Sluice, we saw a Black Tailed Skimmer Dragonfly.

    There was one thing missing today here at Minsmere! It was the Black Headed Gulls.



  • Your Moth could be a Wainscot Nick!

  • Thanks Wendy

  • I was wrong about your moth Nick ... had it ID'd by experts & it is a Mouse Moth, not had one here yet in my traps! 

  • I think your butterfly is a common blue, not a silver-studded blue. Silver-studs are confined to heathland and fly a bit earlier in the year.

  • Ok Wendy thanks for double checking for me.

  • thanks Ian..