Cetti's Warbler: display and call.

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Newport Wetlands
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Newport Wetlands

Cetti's Warbler: display and call.

  • I know that I've covered this ground before but I've just published two more videos of the Cetti's Warbler with all-new video captured last year. Hope you're not fed up with this bird. I know it's a very inconspicuous looking species - the epitome of the 'little brown job' - but I find them enigmatic on account of their ability to remain hidden while making the most explosive sound.

    The Cetti's 'Display' video.

    The Cetti's 'Calling' video.

  • Great videos John, fabulous sightings of the little bird, isn't it very like the wren with its stance and upright tail.   Well done getting such clear views.

  • Brilliant clips John,  its wonderful you managed to not only see the Cetti's but take super video footage of it singing - I so often hear them but have only seen a Cetti close up once which was in Cumbria at Leighton Moss (Causeway area).      Such an elusive bird with the most explosive sound I've ever heard from a small bird - its sound is instantly recognisable after the first note  !   I seem to remember hearing them every 20 minutes at Newport Wetlands and Goldcliff areas lol  

  • Cracking videos John. Its always nice to see what makes that amazing sound.

  • Thank you Gaynor and Hazel. it's deceptive seeing the clips all together because I normally go months without seeing one.

    Gaynor, yes I've always thought it's like an overgrown Wren and the Wren has a similarly loud call for its size.

    Hazel you're right, you can hear them calling all over the site and the twenty minute gap is about the time they take to patrol from one end of their territory to the other. When you work out where their singing post is you only have to wait for them to return.

  • Lovely videos, John.  Please will you arrange that they show as well for us when we are back there towards the end of May?!   To paraphrase Joyce Kilmer, 'I think that I shall never see--a Cetti's--they always hide from me!'

  • A lovely little bird, with a big voice John.

  • Thank you Ann - I'll have a word with them !  I'm sure I can get them to put in an appearance in late May although April was the time of the video clips. They are more active throughout that month with courtship and nesting so there is more opportunity to see them.

  • Thanks Catlady, it's the loudest little bird I know!