Today over the pear orchard a raptor appeared, mobbed by three crows, a common buzzard was close by getting no attention from the corvids. It appeared larger than the buzzard and the bins revealed it to have a trailing edge wing marking of black, at the 'elbow' was a dark patch, the wings were flat as it glided to avoid the crows. I watched it as it drifted toward Northward Hill. It was for me it was a Honey Buzzard on its way back to its' winter quarters.

Last summer we observed Field digger wasps just down from the office, this year on the Ivy they were back again, this time displaying their slightly gruesome side. Catching and decapitating common flies as food for their offspring. 

 Nature at its' most fascinating and raw.

Just had an update that the unfortunate victim is a Pollenia or Cluster fly, my thanks to Ken Gartside for that.

There are still quite a few dragonflies around mainly Southern Hawkers, also quite a few Red Admirals still on the wing as well. 

The influx of House Martins over the reserve over the weekend (and Tilbury side, I'm informed) seem to have departed on their way home.