June, 2011

Rainham Marshes

Rainham Marshes
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Rainham Marshes

  • Inflation at last!

    It had been brooding all day with low, grey cloud, high humidity and an increasing breeze and after several near misses by the thunder and lightening, we were treated to a full on downpour accompanied by a fantastic aerial accompaniment of peels and flashes!

    In the middle of this a very nice couple decided to purchase a sack of seed from the shop but required assistance to get it to the car. Being me, I offered to carry it out for them, despite the rain. It was quite refreshing actually and I explained that the reserve was desperate for every drop. The gentleman agreed that all this rain was a great way to 'inflate our puddles'... English was not his first language but I knew what he meant and it made me laugh. Definitely phrase of the day!

    They also said that they did not make a habit of visiting individual RSPB reserves more than once but would make an exception with our one and would come again! High praise indeed!

    Still fairly quiet on the bird front today although a Grasshopper Warbler ended up singing in the actual Cordite Store and 8 Yellow-legged Gulls and anew Med Gull were seen from the center veranda while two Hobbies dashed through in pursuit of Sand Martins.  The Stock Doves are still coming to the feeders and Basil Thornton got this great shot.

  • The Scented Garden

    Some more flowers from the wildlife garden. Our Purple Loosestrife is just starting to bloom and had grown about a foot in the last week! The main two scents in the garden at the moment are from the profusion of Honeysuckle flowers and the Privet that grows around our composting bins. Delightful!

    Purple Loosestrife


  • The Purple Wildlife Garden

    Our Hidcot Lavender is now in full bloom and attracting a wealth of insects (although not many bees yet!) Thought we had lost a lot of it with the winter weather but it seems to have come back even stronger.

    And loitering nearby was this little bee which I am pretty sure is a Shrill Carder. A scarce species and the earliest one I have ever found here.