April, 2012

Rainham Marshes

Rainham Marshes
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Rainham Marshes

  • Cetti's Warbler Showcase

    Russ Sherriff took some amazing shots of Cetti's Warbler the other day. Would like to say that they were at Rainham Marshes but they were in fact captured in the Ingrebourne Valley which runs out of the west end of the reserve and currently holds at least 42 singing males. We have about 15 males at the moment which is an improvement on the drop from 22 in 2010 that we experienced last year.

    These images just go to show that with some patience and luck you too can get magnificent views of this notoriously skulking species.



  • The Singing Sky...

    They have been singing for many weeks now but nothing seems to deter a male Skylark from proclaiming his joy and vitality to the listening world. Sometimes so high that they become almost impossible to pick out and quite possibly the most uplifting song of any British bird. Hopefully our breeding birds will manage to get at least two broods off each this season.

    (David Dent)


  • Humble Mallard

    How often do you look at a male Mallard?  Probably one of our most familiar birds and actually one of the smartest ducks out there.  We have a good breeding population on the marshes which is augmented by immigrants from the continent as far away as Western Russia in the autumn.

    (Basil Thornton)