January, 2013

Rainham Marshes

Rainham Marshes
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Rainham Marshes

  • My! What interesting foliage!

    We have been putting out all kinds of stuff for the birds in the last few weeks including bits of bacon, cheese, raisins and apples.  Now the Magpies and Carrion Crows will eat almost anything but when it comes to cheese and bacon they like to take it away and bury it for future use should the weather turn bad again. 

    Given the fact that with all the apple seeds out there, the likelihood of some new trees is almost a given but what about the other goodies??  Will we end up with a river wall adorned with Bacon Bushes and Cheese Trees?  Save bringing in lunch at any rate!


  • Snow time for Ron

    Ron Weasel was caught out in the snow last week and Andy Curtis got some great shots as he poked his head through the snow at the edge of the boardwalk before peering out for a quick look around and then re-appearing with his vole supper. Still one of my favourite characters on the marsh...

    Pop goes the weasel....

    Coast is clear...

    Grab dinner and make a dash for it....!


  • Not just for frushes

    All those apples that I have been putting out for the Fieldfares and Blackbirds have also attracted the local Blue Tits and they seem to like having a peck at the ones that I poked up in the hawthorns and roses.  How many did you see in your garden for the Big Garden Birdwatch?

    Fieldfare... looking fed up with hips! (Mark Vale)

    'This is my apple so b****r off and find yer own!' (Dave McGough) 

    Many people who have had Blackcaps in their gardens have also reported aggressive behavior especially if they are lucky enough to have more than one visiting!

    Female Blackcap (Dave McGough)